Nenana River

The Nenana River above Healy

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The Nenana River is a 241 km long tributary of the Tanana River in Alaska. Its catchment area is the northern slopes of the Alaska Range and the southern Tananatal. He springs from the Nenana Glacier southwest of Mount Deborah. Its upper course forms the eastern boundary of Denali National Park. For about 160 km, the Alaska Railroad and the George Parks Highway run from Anchorage to Fairbanks parallel to the Nenana River. In the village of Nenana it empties into the Tanana River.

1885 explored Henry Allen of the U.S. Army of the river and called him first Cantwell River to Lieutenant John C. Cantwell, who had researched the Kobuk River in the previous year. 1898 reported WJ Peters and AH Brooks from the United States Geological Survey that the native Indians would call the river Tutlut. Nenana, the name used today of the river comes from the language of the Tanana Indians.