NeoOffice (formerly NeoOffice / J) is a project that was founded with the aim to port the office suite natively on Mac OS X without X11 environment. That the program has the appearance and properties of a native Mac program, which allows the user to expect from other software operation and thus simplifies the handling. Also the program can on the capabilities of the operating system to fall back (eg print dialog, font rendering ).


NeoOffice is being actively developed. Some of the speed of little significance routines for integration into the user Aqua ( Mac OS X) are programmed in Java. After setting the Cocoa project was created with version 1.2 of the distinction " / J " waived. It supports 57 languages ​​, twelve of which are integrated into the standard installation. The help files are written in English, but can be used for a further twelve languages, including German, to be installed with its own installation package.

NeoOffice was originally developed by Planamesa software under the LGPL license and SISSL to port the Solaris / Linux version of to Mac OS X, so this is finally available with Aqua interface. Today, the software is released under the GPL license, which allows the LGPL. It ensures that " everyone who makes improvements to NeoOffice, it provides the general public " and the software remains free of charge. Really free are older versions of the program and the source code of NeoOffice. The current version of the program can only be downloaded for a fee, but may be distributed freely.

Derived projects

Retro Office is a byproduct of NeoOffice that uses X11. It is intended as an improved version of


NeoOffice was at first only a feasibility study in order to gain experience for porting a native OS X version of However, with NeoOffice 1.2 Alpha, the program package established as an independent project, which is organizationally Although developed independently of, but ( with the exception of the "native", especially the user interface such Shares ) the same code base has.