The Neoproterozoic is the youngest section of the Proterozoic; ends with this era also the Precambrian ( Erdurzeit ). The Neoproterozoic begins about 1,000 million years ago and ending about 541 million years ago.

During this time the multicellular life was on the ground. Micro-organisms appeared on Earth the first time already about 3,800 million years ago. See also Geologic time scale.

After the Mesoproterozoikum already protozoa were published with a nucleus ( eukaryotes ), occurred during the Neoproterozoic multicellular plants and invertebrates in many different tribes and formed the basis for the transition to the Phanerozoic, beginning with the Cambrian, the first period of the Paleozoic era ( Paleozoic ). During the Neoproterozoic there have been repeated icing of the former Equator near continents which probably as ice ages global glaciation ( " snowball Earth" ) are interpreted.

The subdivision of the Neoproterozoic:

  • Eon: Phanerozoic ( 541-0 mya )
  • Aeon: Proterozoic ( 2500-541 mya ) Era: Neoproterozoic ( 1000-541 mya ) System: Ediacaran ( 635-541 mya )
  • Period: Cryogenium ( 850-635 mya )
  • Period: Tonium ( 1000-850 mya )