Enfield Basileus Ε.Π.Ε. was a Greek manufacturer of automobiles.

Company History

The Basileus shipbuilding companies owned by the Goulandris family took over in 1972 Enfield Automotive Ltd.. from London and the new company founded Enfield Basileus Ε.Π.Ε. The production, designed by Enfield electric vehicle was moved to Greece. The final assembly took place, however, in a branch factory in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The brand name of electric vehicles was Enfield Basileus. In 1974, the brand name Amira for a gasoline-powered model has been introduced. 1976 production ended.


Models under the brand name Enfield - Basileus

Enfield in 1969 the microcar Enfield E 8000 designed, produced and marketed with an electric motor. The closed body was made ​​of plastic and had room for 2 2 persons. After the acquisition, it was the Enfield - Basileus E 8000., The open beach cars E was He set aside Bicini 8000. A total of 106 vehicles were sold mainly to the United Kingdom emerged.

Models under the brand name Amira

With the Chicago model an American- inspired concept was pursued, and took aim at the American buyer vehicles in Greece, the design was by George Michael. Unlike the road cruiser it was also designed for off-road use and was built before 1977 Matra Rancho precursor to later crossover vehicles. On a sturdy chassis with a steel frame, a four-door notchback body was mounted in plastic. To drive a V8 engine of AMC made ​​with 4979 cc and 177 hp. Unusual was the all-wheel drive. Thus, the vehicle was quite comparable with the Range Rover.

The production of four vehicles launched, of which only two were completed until 1976. A copy still exists today and is exhibited in the Museum of Technology Noesis in Thessaloniki.