Nepalganj ( nepali: नेपालगञ्ज Nepalganj, also anglicized Nepalgunj ) is one of the largest cities in the west of Nepal ( 2011, there were 72 503 inhabitants), the economic center and the most important transport hub in the region.

It has an airfield, will be served from which Kathmandu and other landing sites in western Nepal. There is a border crossing to India ( about 3 kilometers south of the city), which is also open to foreigners. Moreover, even the bus station to mention with regular buses to the capital and especially in the hill districts, such as Surkhet, Salyan or Dailekh.

The district Banke, whose office is situated in Neplganj, was from 1816 ( according to the Treaty of Segauli ) in British hands, 1858, he was returned to Nepal as the Nepal Army had made ​​the British in the suppression of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 valuable services.

In large part the old town you will find extensive bazaars with a diverse range of goods. The architecture of the old town is strongly influenced by Indian, which is a special feature for Nepal.

In Nepalganj there is a strong Muslim minority; otherwise most of the major ethnic groups of Nepal are represented there.


Nepalganj is the hottest place in Nepal, the highest temperature recorded is 48 ° C.