Neplachov ( German Neplachow ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located ten kilometers south-west of Veseli nad Lužnicí in South Bohemia České Budějovice and belongs to the.


Neplachov located on both sides of the creek Neplachovský creek at the edge of the Trebon Basin in the land Pšeničná Blata. In the surroundings of the village are several large fish ponds, including the Bošilecký fishpond in the Northeast, the Záblatský fishpond in the southeast and the Stojčín in the southwest. On the eastern edge runs the e 55/I/3 between České Budějovice and Veseli nad Lužnicí, behind the railway line České Budějovice - Veseli nad Lužnicí.

Neighboring towns are Pelejovice and Sedlíkovice in the north, Bošilec, Hradina and Dynín in the northeast, Lhota and Ponědraž in the east, Záblatí the southeast, Mazelov and Švamberk in the south, Gebrovna, Ševětín and Vlkov the southwest, Drahotěšice in the west and Radonice, Hvozdno and Popovice in northwest.


The first written mention of the village Neplachowicz took place on October 10, 1323 in a document of King John of Luxembourg on a barter of the Bohemian crown with Peter I. von Rosenberg. The king got it to round out his rule Bechyně the villages Radětice, Hvožďany and Krida; in return he entered the town Bukovsko from the villages Neplachowicz and Drahotěšice to Peter of Rosenberg. As of 1379, the town was referred to as Neplachow. Later Neplachov the rule and the monastery Wittingau was proportionally subservient. About Neplachov led to the Linzerstraße of Ceske Budejovice to Prague an important medieval trade route, from which branched off the road to Bukovsko here.

After 1716 when a major fire seven of the Princely Schwarzenberg estates, and six the monastery associated Homesteads were burned down, ordered Prince Adam zu Schwarzenberg at the laying of the memory from the village square to the side of the field and the construction of at least partially stone buildings. 1789, the first branch of the parish school was founded in Schewetin Neplachov. In 1840 Neplachow consisted of 67 houses with 548 inhabitants. 56 houses belonging to the rule and eleven for Good Wittingau. In the village there was a private school. Vicarage was Schewetin. With the support of the princes of Schwarzenberg own schoolhouse was built in 1841. Until the mid- 19th century, the village of the rule or the Good Wittingau always remained proportionally subservient.

After the abolition of patrimonial Neplachov / Neplachow formed in 1850 a municipality in the district team Trebon / Wittingau and the jurisdiction Lomnice nad Lužnicí. 1873 was built east of the village the railway line České Budějovice - Veseli nad Lužnicí, however, a station not yet received the place. 1910 lived in the town of 568 Czech -speaking inhabitants. After the abolition of Okres Trebon Neplachov in 1948 part of the Okres Soběslav. This was disbanded in 1961 and the village associated with the České Budějovice. On April 1, 1976, the annexation took place after Dynín. After a referendum sparked Neplachov November 24 again in 1990 by Dynín los .. The school was closed in 1996.

Community structure

For the community Neplachov no districts are reported.


  • Chapel of St. Wenceslas in the town square, built in 1929
  • Homesteads in Blatastil the South Bohemian folk Baroque
  • Good Švamberk