Votsotsa ( Hypogeomys antimena )

  • Pouched rats ( Cricetomyinae )
  • Tree mice ( Dendromurinae )
  • Madagascar rats ( Nesomyinae )
  • African hamsters ( Mystromyinae )
  • African rock mice ( Petromyscinae )
  • Delany's swamp climbing mice ( Delanymyinae )

The Nesomyidae are a newly established family of mice -like ( Muroidea ). Here some little known African taxa are expected, overall, the family includes about 60 species in 6 subfamilies. The relationship of these taxa was not recognized until 2004 by Jansa and Weksler after extensive molecular genetic analyzes.


The Nesomyidae are a diverse group of mice of similar animals whose similarities were detected only on the basis of genetic studies and not on the basis of morphological marking. The body varies depending on lifestyle, there are arboreal, live in the soil and also underground grave species that show in shape adjustments to the respective habitat. The size varies considerably, from more than 2 kilogram giant pouched rats up to Delany's swamp climbing mouse, which has 5 grams of the lightest representatives of the mice -like at all.

Dissemination and lifestyle

Nesomyidae are widespread in sub-Saharan Africa, a group that Madagascar rats is endemic to Madagascar. For habitats, lifestyles and nutrition, the Nesomyidae on a high bandwidth, so that make can hardly specific information. Many species are similar to the mice -like mainly herbivores, but there are also all generic and eat primarily from animal food wild species.


The Nesomyidae be divided into six subfamilies:

  • The pouched rats ( Cricetomyinae ) are similar to their back pockets to not more closely related hamsters.
  • The tree mice ( Dendromurinae ) are a group of predominantly arboreal rodents.
  • The Madagascar rats ( Nesomyinae ) include all living on Madagascar mice -like and have a high diversity on.
  • The African Hamster lives in southern Africa and is the only representative of Mystromyinae.
  • The African rock mice ( Petromyscinae ) are also native to southern Africa and residents rocky areas.
  • Delany's swamp climbing mouse is the only representative of Delanymyinae and used in swampy areas in eastern Africa.