Nesterovsky District

The Rajon Nesterov (Russian Нестеровский район / Nesterowski rayon ) is a Raion of the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast. Its administrative center is the city of Nesterov (formerly Stallupönen or Ebenrode ).


The Nesterov Raion is located in the extreme east of the Kaliningrad Oblast. It is bordered on the east by Lithuania, to the south of Poland, to the north by Rajon Krasnoznamensk, on the west by the Rajons Gusev and Osjorsk of the Kaliningrad Oblast.

The Rajon has 16,219 inhabitants (2010), its area is 1061 km ². With a population density of 15 inhabitants per km ² it is one of the most sparsely populated of the Oblast. The share of urban population is 29%, 71% of the rural population.

Administrative center is the city of Rajons Nesterov (until 1938 Stallupönen, 1938-1945 Ebenrode ).

The Rajon flows through pissa and Krasnaya ( Rominte ), on the border with Lithuania by the Lipówka ( Lepone ). To the southeast lies on the border with Lithuania Wystiter the lake, the largest lake in the Oblast. In the south, the Russian share of Romincka Forest extends.


The Rajon Nesterov consists of the township Nesterowskoje with the city of Nesterov and three rural municipalities with a total of 53 settlements:

Economy and infrastructure

The Rajon Nesterov is dominated agricultural and forestry ( Rominter Heide). The famous horse breeding ( Trakehner Trakehnen, today Yasnaya Polyana ) came to a halt in 1945.

Due to the northern part of the Rajons and its administrative center Nesterov the railway and highway Kaliningrad - Moscow result (on the territory of the Oblast A229, part of the European route 28; earlier to the border of the German Empire Road 1). In the course there are the main railway and road border crossings between Kaliningrad Oblast and Lithuania Tschernyschewskoje (formerly Eydtkuhnen or Eydtkau ).


The Rajon was founded on April 7, 1946 as Schtallupjonenski rayon. Its territory comprised the bulk of the 1945 existing county Stallupönen ( 1938-1945 "circle Ebenrode " ), to be located in the Soviet Union after the new boundaries as a result of the Second World War, the northern part of the district Goldap and a small part of the circle Gumbinnen. On September 7, 1946, the city Stallupönen ( 1938-1945 " Ebenrode " ) was renamed Nesterov and rajon Rajon in Nesterowski.

In the years 1963 to 1965 was connected to the Rajon Nesterov during a short-term general and administrative reform of Rajon Gusev.

As part of local government Rajon got first in 2004 the status of a city district ( Нестеровский городской округ, Nesterowski Gorodskoi okrug ) and finally in 2008 the status of a " municipal " Rajons ( Нестеровский муниципальный район, Nesterowski munizipalny rayon ). The existing seven village districts were converted into three rural communities.

Village soviets / village districts 1947-2008