Nestor (mythology)

Nestor (Greek Νέστωρ ) was a hero of Greek mythology and legendary ruler of Pylos. He was one of the sons of Neleus and Chloris. In Homer's Iliad Nestor plays one of the lead roles and the old, experienced and wise counselor of Agamemnon. He also acted as mediator in the dispute between Agamemnon and Achilles. Before the Trojan War, he was a fellow of Jason on the journey, the Argo. He took part in the Battle of the Lapiths against the Centaurs and in the Calydonian hunt. He united age wisdom, eloquence, honesty and serene way of life. Homer refers to him as " Diós ", so divine, and as a " protector of warriors ," and describes the much-discussed in ancient Nestor's Cup, which the animating Nestor brought to Troy.

Honorary designation

In reference to the role of the mythical Nestor is referred to in Commemorative and appreciations of the " old masters " of a science, the founder of a particular method, etc., with the name Nestor honor to this day the oldest Present a scientific meeting or. One example is the often referred to as the " doyen of Catholic social teaching " Oswald von Nell- Breuning, as well as artists such as Johnny Răducanu, the doyen of Romanian jazz. In the 16th century the Brandenburg Elector Joachim I was referred to by the nickname " the German Nestor ".