NetFront is a web browser of the company access for mobile devices such as mobile phones or PDAs. There are versions for Windows CE, Palm OS, Symbian OS and newer Sony Ericsson mobile phones. While NetFront is sold commercially for devices with Windows CE and Symbian OS, it is the Palm OS only available on some Sony Clie models. The published since the beginning of 2006 Sony Ericsson mobile phones ( first model W810 ) installed NetFront browser for all Web and Wap content. The BMW ConnectedDrive Internet service is also used as a NetFront browser, which, however, poses as Firefox 3 on Windows.

The HTML rendering engine of NetFront is also used in mobile devices from different manufacturers; such as in the new version of Blazer ( a web browser for Palm OS) or browser of the Playstation Portable. In Germany and Japan, the Dreamcast game console was also delivered with NetFront based Internet browsers. Since 7 June 2011, the Nintendo 3DS is also equipped with the browser.

There also exists a port for Linux.

The NetFront Browser SDK is a porting and adaptation kit for browsers. The NetFront browser SDK can be used in conjunction with various mobile and other non- PC-based devices such as set -top boxes, digital TVs, VoIP phones and game consoles.