Nette (Alme)



The Cute springs north of Bad Wünnenberg- Bleiwäsche at an altitude of 440 m above sea level. NN. Within 500 m spring three other streams, which drain towards Aabachtalsperre two, the third is the Lühlingsbach that flow after 4.7 km of river stretch of Nice. This flows from its source, first in a northwesterly direction, but then turns to the west. After a flow path of 5.5 km on the left side opens the already mentioned Lühlingsbach. The Cute meanders further west and flows north-west of Alme into the same river. The mouth is situated at an altitude of 299 m above sea level. NN

The Cute overcomes on her 10.36 km long way a difference in altitude 141 m, corresponding to an average bed slope of 13.6 ‰. It drains a 39.688 km ² large catchment area over Alme, Lippe and Rhine to the North Sea.