Nette (Rhine)

The Nice in Mayen

History of Nice



The Cute rises in Hohenleimbach, flows through the districts of Ahrweiler and Mayen- Koblenz, before it flows into the Rhine at Weissenthurm. Particularly in the upper reaches, ahead Mayen, it flows through a mountain landscape. At the mouth of Nitzbachs, an orographic right bank tributary of Virneburg and Nitz, lies the Bürresheim castle. In the central part of the Nice flows through the Pellenz and separates them from the south May Field.


Major tributaries ( downstream ) are Selbach, Weiberner Bach, Bach Arfter, Rehbach, Kümperbach and Nitzbach.


The Cute is not navigable and has otherwise no strategic importance. It is used in Mayen including the supply of the local paper industry. It gives its name to the originally brewed in Weissenthurm Cute Pils ( which is now brewed in the Königsbacher brewery in Koblenz ) and the clinic Nice -Good for Forensic Psychiatry at Weissenthurm.

In the eighties of the 20th century, the local edition of the Nice alternative newspaper reached modest circulation figures.


Currently, Cute is built back to nature. Above Mayen is a popular fishing waters.

At their escarpments between Welling and Ochtendung for years two eagle owl pairs breed always successful.

In March 2008, Nice was proclaimed by Friends of Nature River landscape of the year 2008/ 2009. They deliver an " impressive natural, romantic image ," said the chairman of the Association Michael Müller. Efforts to renaturation were very high.

Places on the Cute

The Cute flows from its source to its mouth in the following places:

  • Arft, district courts Cute
  • Riedener mills
  • Bürresheim
  • Mayen
  • Trimbs
  • Welling
  • Polch, district Ruitsch
  • Ochtendung
  • Andernach
  • Saffig
  • Andernach, district Miesenheim
  • Weissenthurm