Netze (Eder)


The networks is a 10.8 km long, left or northern tributary of the Eder in Waldeck- Frankenberg in northern Hesse ( Germany ).


The networks arises in networks hill country west of the Old Forest, the southern part of the Waldecker forest. Your source is about 500 meters north of networks, a district situated on the nearby Lake Eder Waldeck. It is located just north of the disused railway Lake Eder ( Korbach bath Wildungen ), which was converted into the Lake Eder railway track between Korbach and lovers, to about 315 m above sea level. NN.

In predominantly southerly direction, the networks runs just outside the southwestern border of the nature park Hawk Forest in the east and below Waldeck's a small piece along the northeastern boundary of the nature reserve cellar -Edersee in the southwest.

Approximately 200 m below its origin will the nets on two recently uniting streams, the approach flow from the north of the Old Forest. For networks it crosses twice the Lake Eder track bike trail to easily run after flowing through the village along the cycle track and the B 485 southwestward toward the Waldecker core city. A few hundred meters east of the city, the river turns first to the southeast and then south and takes the coming of the northeast Steinbach.

Thereafter, the flow networks - without the Waldecker core city to traverse - east past " Waldeck -East", a stop for Lake Eder track towards lovers to run after flowing through this Edertaler hamlet to the southeast. Below the village the river is bridged by Buhlener Viaduct, a bridge of the former Lake Eder web.

Finally, the network flows - the approaching flowing from north-northeast Esch ditch picking up - to flours (municipality part of Eder ) associated with residential development Lieschensruh to near its southern outskirts of the village Wegaer Ederaue between the Eder river miles 42.1 and 42 in there, coming from the west Fulda inflow Eder to lead.


The headwaters of the networks located just south of Diemel-Eder/Fulda/Weser-Wasserscheide: While the networks, which flows in a southerly direction, drained by Eder and Fulda in Weser, Watter, that of the other, northern side flows rises in Heitzelberg up to 467.4 m high ridge of the Old Forest and runs northward, over Twiste and Diemel into the Weser.

Catchment and inflows

Among the tributaries of the Networks, whose catchment area is 29.04 km ² belong downriver viewed with orographic mapping (l = left side, R = right side), river length and Mündungsort with networks Bach kilometers:

  • Fombach (r; 2.2 km ), near the network source (km 10.6 ) Maier Bach (r; 1.55 km ), near the network source ( slightly above the northwestern inflow km 0.05)


Among the sights and not far from the networks, which is crossed by the trails Eder sea, Herkulesweg and students path, next to the tree forests Netzetal include hunting station lovers ( important Neolithic settlement site of Neanderthal man ) in Eder - lovers, the Buhlener viaduct, Waldeck castle and the Lake Eder.