The Open Full Story was from November 2000 to December 2009, a published exclusively on the Internet under German news site. On 4 January 2010 the site was converted into an automated news portal whose contents are supplied by

The Open Full Story was previously claims to the first German website with daily new content on a regional focus and with full editorial, which appeared exclusively on the Internet. The online newspaper was founded by the editors of the existing since 1996 Norwegian equivalent In addition to publishing the newspaper, the Internet Open Full Story also operates as a news provider for a number of radio stations in the sense of complete newscasts. Recently had the Netzeitung 1.703 million visitors, with around 6.556 million page views per month ( IVW November 2009) and 2005 was the most frequently cited online medium. Editor in Chief was last Domenika Ahlrichs.


In spring 2000, employees of Nettavisen began the construction of the editorial offices in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. In summer 2000, the former chief editor of the Berliner Zeitung and the star, Michael Maier, was committed as a chief editor of Story in New Window. The news service has been released in September 2000 for the public, the official launch was the 8th November 2000.

In the initial phase already dropped the first change of ownership of the website. The original parent company, the Scandinavian Internet portal Spray Network was acquired in the fall of 2000 by Lycos Europe. On 1 July 2002, the Open Full Story Lycos moved to the specialist publishing group Bertelsmann Springer. After these had been sold by Bertelsmann AG in 2003 to a British investment company that Netzeitung was March 1, 2003 through a management buy -out daughter of Netzeitungs Beteiligungs GmbH. Managing partners were Michael Maier and Ralf -Dieter Brunowsky. End of June 2005 finally took over the Norwegian publishing house Orkla Media to Open Full Story in full.

End of 2005 the Open Full Story applied for the Berlin radio frequency 100.6 Mhz to send there an information -oriented program. The media authority of Berlin -Brandenburg finally awarded the frequency to both the Open Full Story and on Motor FM with the condition that both providers cooperate. The transmitter 100.6 Motor FM took on 1 February 2006 on its operation with a mixture of music and journalism coined word program.

On May 11, 2006 Open Full Story announced that she wanted to involve their readers more journalistic and start a project of the so-called citizen journalism. The ajar to the South Korean online newspaper OhmyNews project started on 1 June 2006 under the name of "Reader's Edition" for a closed user group and was made available to the public five days later.

End of 2006, Maier left the Open Full Story: He wanted to completely focus on Web 2.0 projects. His new company blog form Verlags GmbH bought the Readers Edition. New chief editors of Open Full Story were Michael Angele, former features editor at the NZ, and Matthias Ehlert. On 1 August 2007 Domenika Ahlrichs solved the dual leadership from the chief editor.

In June 2007, the German newspaper Holding BV took over, which belonged to the British Mecom Group, all shares in NZ Open Full Story Beteiligungs GmbH, in addition to mastering various other network portals. Participation in 100.6 Motor FM is sold simultaneously with the acquisition of the Story in New Window group on the platform for regional music economy. Also, the IT news portal and the health portal were sold. However, the cooperation between the Open Full Story and the transmitter will continue to serve.

On 14 February 2008, a new layout, a new logo and a new section was introduced matter of opinion. On 13 January 2009, the Cologne publisher M. DuMont announced that he take over the activities of the Mecom Group in Germany, including the Open Full Story.

The new owner DuMont announced on 6 November 2009 that " the previous concept of an Internet newspaper with its own editorial " is abandoned on 31 December 2009 for economic reasons, they should be operated only as an automated news portal. After switching to an aggregator such early January 2010, the number of clicks broke clear.


After the collapse of the " New Economy bubble " it also had the Netzeitung difficult to be able to compete in the market. In addition to the classical source of revenue advertising ( banners, pop- ups ) and subscription ( personalized home page, SMS text messaging service ) and had to find new sources of money. The editors of Open Full Story supplies since December 2004, the contents of the memorandum teletexts of ProSiebenSat.1 ( Sat1, N24, Pro7 and Kabel 1 ). In addition, since February 2005, the multimedia content of N24 (, N24 - text and info screens ) are supplied by the Open Full Story. Since early 2006, the Open Full Story operates together with the Motor FM after the insolvency of " HUNDRED, 6" re- signed the Berlin FM frequency 100.6 MHz under the name 100.6 Motor FM. On 28 April 2006, the frequency was assigned permanently to the consortium Motor FM / Open Full Story by the media authority of Berlin -Brandenburg.

In addition, the Auto & Technik division was spun off and "NZ Car Portal GmbH " transferred to the newly formed company. This includes the automotive portal


The Story in New Window employed own editors in the fields of politics, business, sports, entertainment, culture, media, science and internet. As news sources the online newspaper the major news agencies dpa, AP and epd and their photo services primarily served. The relevant agency reports have been reformulated as a rule and published enriched with additional information. In addition, messages were researched on various Internet news sites. According to the company Open Full Story in one of the most-cited German news media. 2002 and 2003 the daily media column paper was nominated for the Grimme Online Award.

The end of 2008 all contracts were terminated with the 15 previously employed freelancers. This also some previously published regularly columns as the waste paper were hired.

The end of 2009, the remaining twelve employees " made ​​redundant ".