Neubiberg is a municipality in the district of Munich, Regierungsbezirk Oberbayern, with the hamlets of Neubiberg and Unterbiberg. It leads directly to the Munich neighborhoods Neuperlach and Waldperlach, to the communities Ottobrunn and Unterhaching, as well as to the district forest colony of the community Putzbrunn.

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The area immediately adjacent to the Munich community is unusually elongated, with an east-west extent of about 6 km, it is only between 0.5 and 1.5 km wide. The municipality is flat in the West 547 m high and rises to the east to around 555 meters above sea level, what the visitor is indeed barely perceptible. The only significant river is the Hachinger stream that flows through Unterbiberg, so the municipality crosses the far west. The settlement core forms the eastern part of today presents itself as a typical housing estate, which occupies almost the entire territory here and seamlessly merges with the urban construction on the neighboring communities and in the Munich -Perlach. Sometimes you can learn so only by a name sign that you are in a different local authority.

The original forest cover is down to a central forest of 20 hectares, is Neubiberg with the Ottobrunn shares, and almost disappeared a grove on the border with Munich - Waldperlach of 5 ha. However, the municipality still has 5.87 km ² of forest and green space, which corresponds to 9.82 percent of the total area of the municipality.

The central part of the municipality is occupied by the campus. In the west of the municipality is the village of Unterbiberg box, is the historic core of the community, who has received a typical Upper Bavarian village charm in some ways, although directly to this village the new estate Vivamus was built in recent years. Today Unterbiberg is in terms of size, industry and population, not more in the shadow of the eastern settlement area.

In Unterbiberg there is an old village church with onion dome, old farms, etc. On the west Neubibergs there are still a few areas for agricultural use. The municipality is densely populated. Detached and terraced houses with gardens, not high-rise developments such as typical of Neuperlach, are the determining element. While not within the actual community area, but close by, in part, to the community directly adjacent, addition, there is very extensive forests, so that the community holds the image of a settlement in the countryside with law. In addition, Neubiberg shares with its neighboring communities Unterhaching and Ottobrunn, the 126 -acre landscaped park Hachinger valley.


As in the entire valley along the Hachinger Bach's rich Neubiberger on communal land ( district Unterbiberg ) The earliest archaeological evidence to the prehistoric and early historical time back. A by aerial archeology proven late Celtic Viereckschanze ( 260-50 BC) was eponymous for the later village " Pipurk ". Villa piburc was first mentioned 1034-1041 as a donation to the monastery of Tegernsee. Unterbiberg was in the course of administrative reform in Bavaria in 1818 an independent political community. Settlers and " colonists " from Munich and settled since 1900 in the district east of the old road down Rosenheim, who was called for the first time since 1903 " Neubiberg ".

During the period of National Socialism the airbase Neubiberg was built east of the historic town center of Unterbiberg, which was used after the end of World War II by the U.S. Air Force, including through F-84, from 1958 by the Luftwaffe of the Bundeswehr with a transport squadron. The at the airbase already since 1958 existing training facility ( military school ) Air Force was relocated in 1973 to Fuerstenfeldbruck that also existing Technical College of the Air Force ( TAkLw, 1971 University of Applied Sciences of the Air Force ), and the rest of the infrastructure has been used for the construction of the University of the Bundeswehr. On 1 January 1975, the name of the municipality Unterbiberg was changed officially after the name of the larger hamlet in Neubiberg. 1982, a sports center was established at the Zwergerstraße.

As part of the continuous expansion of the late 1990s, the construction of new housing development Vivamus northeast of the historical center Unterbibergs was continued. During this time, the development area on the Heid, which was developed on the eastern part of the 1997 abandoned airfield was built. The largest part of the former airfield area is used as a country park and still be regarded as free from development.

2001-2005 built the MoTo Project Management GmbH on the Chapel Field in the district Unterbiberg public landscaped park Campeon with the corporate headquarters of Infineon, Intel, and LANTIQ. 2004 Neubiberg finally got its own junction on the motorway A8 Munich -Salzburg, which is conducted in the vicinity of the town through the tunnel Neubiberg.

The church describes itself as a university community Neubiberg, according to the University of the Federal Armed Forces in order Neubiberg is even " the only university town in Germany ". Since 2006, this non-official name is also on the entrance signs.


Parish council

The municipal council was elected in the municipal elections on March 16, 2014 in Bavaria with a turnout of 51.1 %. The term of office ends on 30 April 2020.

Chairman of the parish council is Mayor Günter Heyland (CDU N @ U).

Results of the elections of 16 March 2014:

Citizens' initiatives

  • Environmental Advisory Board
  • Disability Advisory Council
  • Citizens' Initiative Florian Sanger - No 2nd class citizens
  • Citizens' Initiative Neubiberg main road without speeders
  • Agenda21 Ottobrunn - Neubiberg


  • Ablon -sur -Seine, France: since 1974/1975
  • Chernogolovka, Russia: Since 1992


As a scientific location Neubiberg has been known since the 80s at home and abroad. The reason is the University of the Bundeswehr Munich with its numerous teaching and research institutions, which has its headquarters in the middle of Neubiberg. With the international company Infineon Technologies AG and its corporate headquarters " CAMPEON ", the neighboring LANTIQ GmbH and Emerson Network Power and Intel Mobile Communications GmbH Neubiberg has also developed into a modern business location.

A successful combination of tradition with numerous retail and service industries, innovation with companies from high-tech and IT industry and proximity to science and research as well as excellent transport links characterize the attractiveness of the business location Neubiberg. The competitive business tax rate of 280 points on the outskirts of Munich make Neubiberg more interesting than location. In addition Neubiberg is situated in the Munich Metropolitan Region, which is considered the most successful nationwide and will continue to be one of the most dynamic regions in the whole of Germany.


Neubiberg, especially the eastern part of the municipality, is a typical residential area. A typical pedestrian street and a town center with the usual cluster of shops, for example, to a market you will not find in Neubiberg. Nevertheless, all the basic facilities such as shopping markets locally. A larger shopping center does not exist. Currently, Mayor, City Council and administration working on the design of a "living center " to the S-Bahn station and the main road. The aim is to make an attractive center with shops, services, transport, cultural, educational and recreational quality of the area.


Road access

Junction Neubiberg, A 8 Munich -Salzburg

To the west of the district Neubiberg runs the stretch of road Carl- Wery -Straße - Outer main road that leads from Munich Neuperlach about Neubiberg up to Ottobrunn and then on to Unterhaching.

The districts Unterbiberg and Neubiberg are connected by the Zwergerstraße.

The Unterhachinger Road west of Unterbiberg connects the district with Munich - Unterhaching and Perlachturm.

Public transport

  • S -Bahn line 7, breakpoint Neubiberg on the railway line Munich -Giesing Cross Road ( in the western part of the district Neubiberg )
  • S -Bahn line 3, breakpoint Fasanenpark on the railway line from Munich East Deisenhofen (west of Campeon )
  • The bus lines 199, 210, 211, 212, 216, 217 and 218 operate a total of 30 stops in the municipality.

Public institutions

In Neubiberg two volunteer fire services are located. The Unterbiberger Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1874. It provides about fifty missions annually. The volunteer fire department Neubiberg was founded in 1920 and in 1924 receives its first fire station near the town hall. Since 1992, she has the fire station at Florian Sanger. With around 100 members, it performs about 200 operations a year. Both fire departments each have a young firefighters. In addition, the University of the Bundeswehr and the company Infineon operate their own fire department.

Federal facilities

  • University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
  • Luftwaffenmusikkorps 1 ( lmk1 )
  • Medical Centre ( SanZentrum ) Neubiberg, part of the University of the Bundeswehr

Educational institutions

In the municipality of Neubiberg there are now four public schools, two primary schools, one secondary school and one high school.

The gymnasium Neubiberg is a natural scientifically - technological and modern languages ​​school in the Bavarian town of Neubiberg near Munich. It was founded in 1976. Already some years before the introduction of the G8 in Bavaria, the school was exceptionally talented students the opportunity already after 8 years to finish in a " G8 branch " high school with the Abitur. In the school year 2012/2013 (as of October 1, 2012) visit in 1553 pupils in 46 classes from grades 5 to 10 and more than 200 courses and seminars at the school ( grade 11 and 12) high school. Approximately 126 full-time teachers and part-time teachers and trainee teachers teach there. An extension with cafeteria was completed in 2004 to be the growing number of students and the requirements of the G8 meet. The gymnasium was renovated from 2011 to 2013. During this time the students were taught in high school Hoehenkirchen -Siegertsbrunn. Since the school year 2013/2014 the students are back in Neubiberg.

The six junior high school offers the electives Groups I to III (IIIa and b). In the school year 2006/07, about 840 students were taught in 29 classes. The primary school, which was founded in the late 1920s, offers the grades 1 to 4. In 18 classes, 476 students were taught by 30 teachers in the school year 2006/ 07. The proportion of non-German students was less than ten percent.

The Animal Welfare Academy was, among others from Neubiberger booksellers Adolf Hempel founded in 1986. It serves as a training and research facility of the German Animal Protection League. It offers courses in order to obtain the certificate of competence, which is a prerequisite for managing an animal shelter after the Animal Welfare Act. It operates a cell culture laboratory to develop non-animal methods in research. Every two years they missed the Adolf -Hempel Youth Animal Welfare Award.

The folk high school is operated in conjunction with the community Ottobrunn. In Neubiberg there is an information center of the folk high school in the house of continuing education. There is also the church library.

The music school Neubiberg -Unterhaching is a public certified by QSM cultural educational institution that offers a musical education children, adolescents and adults.

The community library Neubiberg has a total inventory of over 31,000 media. In addition, regularly offers various activities for children and adults.

Social institutions

  • Wilhelm Hoegner House ( nursing home )
  • Ludwig Feuerbach home ( nursing home )
  • Hospice of the School Sisters of Notre Dame ( nursing home )
  • Senior center of the municipality Neubiberg in the main street
  • Sponsored by the Regional Youth Munich - Land region Neubiberg runs the youth center track 3 directly on the S-Bahn station, the youth social work in schools - in elementary school at the Town Hall Square, in the junior high school and high school - as well as mobile youth work.
  • Kindergarten AWO in the High Brunnerstraße


  • Pfarrverband Neubiberg - Waldperlach
  • Evangelical Church of Cornelius

Leisure and sports facilities

  • Youth center track 3
  • Environmental garden
  • Sports center Zwergerstraße
  • Fun Park in the landscape park Hachinger Valley
  • Scouts master Jean Monnet ( BdP )
  • Location sergeant home airbase Neubiberg eV

Culture and sights

  • The municipal cultural program "Kaleidoscope " gives a good overview of the variety of community events Neubiberg. It is published twice a year, always in early March and early September.
  • Unterbiberger Hofmusik
  • See also: list of architectural monuments in Neubiberg


  • Anderlecht Welsch ( * 1842, † 1906), folk singer and entertainer
  • Wilhelm Geiger ( * 1856, † 1943), Indologist and Iranist
  • Inge Schell ( born 1939 ), former track and field athlete
  • Hermann Rumschöttel (* 1941), archivist and historian
  • Johanna Rumschöttel (* 1946), district administrator of the district of Munich ( 2000-2008 First Mayor )
  • Natasha Kohnen (born 1967 ), biologist, lecturer, politician ( Bavarian Landtag )
  • Oliver Clemens ( born 1968 ), actor
  • Stefan Lindl (* 1969), essayist and journalist
  • Tobias Thalhammer (* 1979), actor, pop star, politician ( Bayerischer Landtag )
  • Manuel Steitz (* 1994), actor