Neue Flora

The Neue Flora ( Stage Theater Neue Flora) in Hamburg, built from 1988 to 1990 after plans by the architect Uwe Köhnholdt and Konstantin Kleffel, with 1965 seats (1415 in the stalls, 550 in part) one of the largest theaters in Germany. The auditorium has an area of 1530 m², the stage of such a 240 m². The proscenium arch is 14 meters wide and 8.5 meters high.

The dispute over the construction

Having since April 1986 in the estate of the City available operetta house on the Reeperbahn with great success the musical Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber was played, the city agreed with the producers, they additionally for The Phantom of the Opera the ailing Flora Theater in the Schanze district on left shoulder blade 71, which was only used as a warehouse for decades. In contrast, militant resistance formed. Finally, in 1989, occupied the building Autonomous and called it Rote Flora.

Previously announced on September 13, 1988, that you consider the location corner Stresemann-/Alsenstraße in Altona-Nord is better suited for the opposite S-Bahn station Holsten Street and the local " indifference to the construction project ." In fact, the building was also highly controversial: local residents complained (unsuccessfully) by two instances against the building permit, and the Altona District Assembly called for measures to protect adjacent residential areas before the additional traffic. Regularly there were " Weekend Walks " place around the fortress-like building site secured. At the premiere on 29 June 1990 more than 3,500 police officers were to protect the guests before 1000 sometimes violent demonstrators ready. Cars vorfahrenden theatergoers were nevertheless demolished and smeared and who came on foot was pelted with paint, rotten fruit and eggs or assaulted in any way. At the premiere party invited the Stella AG to an undisclosed location, the Altona fish market.


In the " Neue Flora " the musical The Phantom of the Opera with Peter Hofmann and Anna Maria Kaufmann in the lead roles on 29 June 1990 ( Preview on June 19, 1990) was first performed in Hamburg. This was followed by 30 June 2001, more than 4400 performances with a total of seven million viewers. On 21 September 2001 to 30 June 2002 has performed the musical Mozart! ( by Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay ) with Yngve Gasoy Romdal in the title role in the " Neue Flora " (320 performances). The Musical Tarzan was performed in Hamburg more than 2000 times.

Following the insolvency of Stella AG Stage Entertainment (formerly Stage Holding ) took over the company and caused extensive alterations in all areas.