Neue Luppe

The New billet ( shown in red ) in the Leipzig waters node

The straightened run the new puddle in the middle of the floodplain forest between Böhlitz Ehrenberg and Lützschena - Stahmeln

The New billet (also called billet channel) is an artificial arm of the White Elster in Saxony and water law, a body of water first order. It's up to her mouth, the main arm of the Magpie River billet system and carries more water than the White Elster itself


The New billet branches off from Elster basin, one created in the 1930s for flood control basin, from and flows approximately parallel to the natural bed of the river Weiße Elster in large sheets. You flanked to the south of the district the truth Auensee and immediately takes on the Nahle, another diversion from the Elster basin,. On their way through the Elster- billet - Aue also open on the left side only the farmer digging in Lützschena - Stahmeln and then the old billet northeast of the Domholzschänke in the New billet. She then leaves the Leipzig area and flows from here through the Schkeuditzer hallway. About two kilometers before its confluence with the White Elster rape and Wehlitz branches off to the left from the billet of the new billet, is no longer fed by this though.

Originally river system

During construction of the new billet numerous tributaries of the White Elster and the puddle as the water dogs, the former Old billet and the billet were interrupted himself This ends today Schkopau in the Saale.


New billet during floods in 2011 with railway bridge

New billet during floods in 2007, in the background the town hall Wahrener

Bridge of the Leipzig goods ring on the New billet