Neue Mozart-Ausgabe

The New Mozart Edition (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: New Edition of the Complete Works ) is the scientific and critical edition of all the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( 1756-1791 ).


The New Mozart Edition, which since 1955 in Bärenreiter (Kassel, Basel, London, New York, Prague ) was published, provides research on the basis of all available sources - primarily autographs of Mozart - a scientifically correct musical text which at the same time musical practice provides a basis for justice to the work performances. The published 1956-1991 Main Series I to IX with the actual plant stock are regarded as the century plant of recent Mozart research, and also the modern performance practices of Mozart is unthinkable without this edition. Significant volumes of the Supplement have been thrown on neglected aspects of Mozart's oeuvre, such as his work as a teacher or as an arranger on other works, a new and revealing light.

The issue will be published in about 130 volumes in 35 working groups, spread over 10 series. Within the groups of works are all completed works in chronological order. Sketches, drafts and fragments of the works are located in the Appendix of the relevant band. Each music volume contains the work imprints a detailed preface and facsimile illustrations from the source material. Separately a critical commentary for each grade band appears. The editors of the New Mozart Edition is located in the International Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg, support is in addition to the Foundation, the German Mozart Society.

The series of the New Mozart Edition:

  • I. Spiritual vocal works ( 15 volumes )
  • II Stage Works ( 32 volumes)
  • III. Songs, other vocal music, canon ( 3 volumes)
  • IV orchestral works (19 volumes)
  • V. Concerts ( 14 volumes )
  • VI. Church Sonatas (1 tape )
  • VII ensemble music for larger ensembles solo ( 3 volumes)
  • VIII chamber music (7 volumes)
  • IX. Piano music (7 volumes)
  • X. Supplement (25 volumes)

The main part of the series (I- IX) was completed in 1991, Supplement ( Series X ) was completed in 2007.