Neuendeich ( Low German Neendick ) is a municipality in the district of Pinneberg, in Schleswig -Holstein.

Geography and transport

Neuendeich lies on the Elbe and its tributaries, the Pinnau. The municipality is situated mostly in the Seestermüher march, a small part is in the Haseldorfer march. Upper right, Rose Garden, Schadendorf and silt castle lie in the municipality.

Neuendeich can be reached via the federal highway 23 from Hamburg to Elmshorn. East of the church and the state road 431 from Wedel Uetersen runs to Elmshorn.


New dike was first mentioned in 1303 in records.


Of the nine seats in the municipal council, the CDU has been the municipal election 2008, five seats and the SPD four. Since the local elections of 2013, the distribution of seats is reversed: the SPD and the CDU has five seats four.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Through a right-sided green bordierten silver wave beams diagonally left divided. At the top of the red gold gable end of a farmhouse with gable verbrettertem, down in green pastures a silver head. "

Culture and sights

About the Pinnau the swing bridge was built in 1887 leads to Klevendeich. It is the oldest functional swing bridge in Germany and stands as a monument of culture under monument protection. The bridge connects the Haseldorfer march with the Seestermüher march.

Next attractions:

  • Former school on Pinnau dike
  • Former ferry house on the dyke Pinnau
  • Many thatched farmhouses, which are typical for the region march
  • Historical culture cycle route through Neuendeich

Old School

Former ferry state in 1987

Rose Garden, Farmhouse

Rose Garden, Farmhouse

Rose Garden 3, homestead