Neuer Zollhof

The Rhine Tower is an ensemble of buildings in the Düsseldorf media harbor, which was inaugurated on 19 October 1999. The buildings are after its architect and designer Frank Gehry also known as the Gehry Buildings.


In early 1990, a competition was announced for a new building on the site of the breakable Customs Court, the Zaha Hadid won though, the " deconstructive design " but was eventually not run.

From 1996 to 1998 three deconstructivist buildings were built instead on designs by Frank Gehry and Beucker, Maschlanka and partners. The three buildings show no cornices or base. What is striking is the curvature of the facade with a " fluent [en ] corrugated [n ] surface." The division into three blocks and the open attitude of fußläufigen spaces was due to the project the aim of maintain a clear access to the port for the adjacent residential district.