Neukirchen (Nordfriesland)

Neukirchen (Danish: Nykirke, Frisian: Naischöspel, Low German Niekarken ) is a municipality in the district of North Friesland Schleswig -Holstein. Seebuell - former residence of the painter Emil Nolde - is a part of Neukirchen.


Neukirchen was first mentioned in 1231 in the Waldemar - Erdbuch as Kirchdorf. The St. John's Church had been recently built on an ancient mound as a late- Romanesque brick building. Following the example of Riber Doms little later she received an early Gothic vault. In addition to residues of various medieval wall paintings, the church has a baptismal font, which is perhaps even older than the church, a representation of the enthroned Christ in the midst of the Apostles from the 14th century, a late Gothic carved altar from the 16th century and a pulpit from the 17th century. The wooden bell tower dates from 1731.

The embankment of the Wiedingharde 1436, the construction of the so-called Golden Ring, the village lying on mounds remained on the sidelines. Only the reclamation of the Gotteskooges 1566 brought lasting protection against the sea.

Neukirchen was from 1889 to 1967 the administrative seat of the district office or the Office Neukirchen and thereafter until September 30, 2005 of the Office Wiedingharde.


Municipal council

Out of 13 seats in the municipal council voters Community AWG had since the local elections in 2008 six, the CDU and the SPD and three each of the SSE one. In the elections on 26 May 2013, the AWG were 39.6 percent, 25.0 percent, the CDU, the SPD 22.4 per cent, 10.0 per cent of the SSE and the group of voters NfWGN 3.0 percent of the votes cast. The distribution of seats remained unchanged. The turnout was 50.3 per cent last.


Since 1986, Peter Ewaldsen (AWG) mayor. For the 2013-2018 parliamentary term, he was re-elected.

Coat of arms

Blazon: ". Among red, it disappear with a golden bar down a concluding main shield, a fairly inverted golden moon between two six-pointed golden stars in blue a balancelle golden sailing ship with square sails the keel, rudder and side sword partly below the waterline "

The stars and the crescent moon are the arms of the Wiedingharde removed. The golden bar represents the "Golden Ring", the dike of Wiedingharder Old Koog which divides the municipality. The sailing ship represents a stylized " Hemsenboot ", a long time the main means of transportation in Gotteskoog, represents the color is gold, red and blue traditional North Frisian.

Emil Nolde

On a mound Emil Nolde built a residential building with studio and exhibition spaces, which he - had designed himself and which he called " Seebuell " - like the garden. In this building lived and worked from 1927 until his death in 1956 After his death Seebuell was converted to the Foundation Seebuell Ada and Emil Nolde and -. Features as in Nolde's Testament - a museum. House and garden are largely unchanged.