Neulewin is official belonging municipality in the district or Mark- land in Brandenburg. The new church was built Neulewin October 26, 2003, the merger of the municipalities Neulewin and Neulietzegöricke. At the same time Güstebieser Loose was incorporated. The community is managed by the Office Neulewin Barnim Or break with headquarters in Wriezen.

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The municipality is located in the Oder about 10 km east of Wriezen, close to the Oder. Neulewin belongs to the Office Barnim - Oder, which has its headquarters in the city Wriezen. Since 20 October 2007 reversed after 62 years again a ferry across the Oder from the district Güstebieser Loose the Polish village of Gozdowice ( German Güstebiese ). The stationed in Gozdowice Schaufelradfähre has an operating license from early April to late October and can accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and up to six cars.

Community structure

The municipality consists of the following Neulewin districts, parts of the municipality and living quarters:

  • Güstebieser Loose
  • Neulewin with the parts of the municipality Karlsbiese, Kersten break, Heinrichsdorf, Karlshof and Neulewin and the living space Neukarlshof
  • Neulietzegöricke with the parts of the municipality Ferdinandshof and Neulietzegöricke, and the living space Altlietzegöricker Loose.


Neulewin was from 1818 to 1952 part of the district Oberbarnim. By way of derogation included the present-day districts Neulietzegöricke and Güstebieser Loose and the local parts Karlshof and Karlsbiese to 1945 mainly to the right of or located, now Polish Neumark, to the district of Königsberg Nm. In the course of district reform in 1952 in the GDR Neulewin came to the district of Bad Freiwalde. After the political changes in 1992 offices were formed in Brandenburg, which perceived the administrative tasks of the office belonging to communities; Neulewin came under the administration of the Office Wriezen country, which was renamed Office Barnim - Oder in 1994. With the district reform in 1993, the Office Barnim Or break and so that the community Neulewin came to the district Maerkisch -or country.


The community Heinrichsdorf was incorporated on 1 January 1957 by Kersten fraction, which was incorporated to Neulewin on 1 March 1974. The community was a Karlshof and umgemeindet on 1 January 1974 after Neulietzegöricke on 1 April 1991 after Neulewin.

On 26 October 2003, Neulewin and Neulietzegöricke merged to form the new municipality Neulewin. At the same time the community Güstebieser Loose was annexed by enactment.


Parish council

The municipal council of Neulewin consists of 11 women and Council councilors, including the mayor.

(As at municipal election on October 26, 2003)

Culture and sights

In the list of monuments in Neulewin are registered in the list of monuments of the country Brandenburg monuments.