Neunkirchen (German district)

The district is a district of Neunkirchen in Saarland. It is bordered on the north by the district of St. Wendel, on the east by the Rhineland-Palatinate district of Kusel, in the south of the Saar Pfalz-Kreis and the Regional Association Saarbrücken and to the west by the rural district of Saarlouis. The county since 1985 Germany's first and only Rose circle with over 20,000 rose bushes in nine rose gardens.

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The landscape of the district Neunkirchen belongs mainly to the Saar -Nahe - Bergland. The largest lake of the district is located in the recreation area Itzenplitz Heiligenwald.


The foundation stone for today's district Neunkirchen was laid, when the county of Saarbrücken was divided among the sons of Count Johann Ludwig in 1545. Under changing names as rule Ottweiler ( 1544-1611 ), Office Ottweiler or Oberamt Ottweiler ( 1611-1798 ) and under Napoleonic rule Canton Ottweiler ( 1798-1800 ) the territorial unit existed until 1814.

Dated June 30, 1814 was developed as part of a reorganization of the district Ottweiler. It was headed by a district director and extended over an area of ​​1186 km2 with 63 517 inhabitants. Just two years later, on July 1, 1816, the extensive surface was modified by a decision of the Vienna Congress. It was created by the new group Ottweiler and it was under Prussian administration order at its head a district administrator provided. Seat of county government was Ottweiler, where the residence of the district administrator was.

After the First World War ( Treaty of Versailles ), the Saar, and with him the county Ottweiler was separated from the German Empire and placed under League of Nations mandate in 1920. 1946, the district was changed. At the regional and district reform of the Saarland in 1974, its size was once again amended the district was renamed the district of Neunkirchen. However, the district administration remained in Ottweiler. After completion of the municipal reform, the district Neunkirchen comprises seven communities, including two cities. The largest town of the district is the county town of Neunkirchen, also the second largest city of the Saarland, the smallest municipality is Merchweiler.


Since, in the county of Saarbrücken, the Reformation was introduced to the Lutheran Confessions in 1575, the vast majority of the population was Protestant from that date. Only in the industrialization in the 19th century, the confessional relationship began to move through the large influx of miners and smelter workers. The Protestant population in the county has been one of the Saarbrücken Union of the former Lutheran Church of the county with the Reformed congregations in Saarbrücken and Ludweiler in 1817 to form the Evangelical Church in Prussia ( from 1922 they called themselves Evangelical Church of the old-Prussian Union, APU), and thence to ecclesiastical province of the Rhine Province with the provincial consistory in Koblenz. In 1947, the church was transformed into an independent province Lutheran Church, the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, but remained member church of the APU, the 1953-2003 persisted Evangelical Church of the Union under the simplified name for it.



(As at municipal election on June 7, 2009)

District administrators

Economy and infrastructure

After a social report of the district administration about ten percent of the population of the county at risk of poverty. More than eight percent relative end of 2009 unemployment benefits ( Hartz IV). 2,100 people in the district are dependent on employment despite government assistance.


The circuit area is determined by the Federal Highway 8 Pirmasens - touched Saarlouis, as in Illingen and Eppelborn of the A 1 Saarbrücken - Koblenz. In addition, the district is being developed by federal and state roads. The most important trunk road is the B41 Neunkirchen - St. Wendel.


The county is a carrier of 15 secondary schools:

High schools

  • Gymnasium am Krebsberg ( Neunkirchen )
  • School at Stone Forest ( Neunkirchen )
  • School Ottweiler
  • Illtal -Gymnasium ( Illingen )

Comprehensive schools

  • Worthies Mountain School Neunkirchen
  • Comprehensive school Neunkirchen
  • Comprehensive school Schiffweiler

Advanced secondary schools

  • Advanced Realschule Illingen
  • Freiherr- vom-Stein -Schule ( Neunkirchen )
  • Anton Hansen School ( Ottweiler )
  • Maximilian Kolbe School ( Neunkirchen )
  • Kerpenschule Uchtelfangen
  • Advanced Realschule Merchweiler
  • Advanced Realschule Eppelborn
  • Advanced Realschule Spiesen - Elversberg

In the county town of Neunkirchen a Technical- Commercial, social care and Commercial Vocational Training Centre ( VTC ) is located.

Cities and Towns

( Population figures from December 31, 2012)