Neverin ( 1469: New Rien, 1508: Neueryn ) is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern. It is the seat of the Office of the same name, composed of eleven other communities.

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Neverin located amid the hilly and lakes of glacial ground moraine of Werder, about ten kilometers north-east of Neubrandenburg.

To Neverin part of the district Glocksin.



Neverin was first documented in the 14th century. The name was derived from the Slavic and means as much as the place of, or Nevera (disbelief ). In former times in the local area, a castle, of which little remains except a few is nothing more to see. Also of the manor, which was created in the 16th century, there were only a few structural remains. Built around 1800 neoclassical mansion was demolished in 1985.


Glocksin was first mentioned in 1337. Oswald Ihlenfeld was owner of the manor there, which was purchased 1609/1613 of the city of Neubrandenburg in the 15th century. During the Thirty Years' War the estate was sold. 1791 bought the Privy Ludwig Anton Seib the good that remained in family ownership. 1802 was a forge, 1805, the church in 1870, the school and in 1884 a railway station. After 1945, the family Seib lost the property to the state. It was not until 1967, he created a water line and 1883 a bitumen road. After 1995, new homes were built in 2003 and renovated the church.


Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on 7 July 2000 by the Home Office and registered under No. 211 of the coat of arms role of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Blazon: " Azure, a thriving from the lower edge silver tower with upwardly tapered shaft, flaring floor with two black windows and black -timbered, protruding red pointed roof, sullied with red knob; beseitet of each a black oak branch with three silver leaves. "

The coat of arms was designed by the Schwerin heraldist Heinz Kippnick.


The flag is transverse to the longitudinal axis of the bunting of blue - white - striped blue. The blue stripes take a quarter each, the white stripe takes up half the length of the bunting. In the middle of the white stripe, the municipal coat of arms, which occupies two thirds of the height and one-third the length of the bunting is. The length of the bunting is related to height as 5:3.


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  • Neverin: Gothic stone church from the 13th century; in 1770 the church was rebuilt and plastered.
  • Old Water Tower

Village church Neverin

Village church Glocksin

Transport links

In Neverin cross the roads Neubrandenburg -Brunn and Old Treptow- Warlin. East of the community, the Federal Highway 20 runs (connection Neubrandenburg - Nord in about five miles away ). In Neubrandenburg and Altentreptow are the nearest railway stations.