New Anticapitalist Party

Nouveau Parti anticapitaliste (NPA; German New Anti-Capitalist Party), founded in 2009 is a radical leftist, anti-capitalist political party in France. At present it has about 4,500 members.


The founding of the party, it was decided in 2008, parallel to the self-dissolution of oriented Trotskyist Revolutionary Communist League ( Revolutionary Communist League, LCR). The close programmatic binding should be abandoned to Trotskyism to also against other tendencies, groups and persons associated with the radical left open. About the final name decided a founding conference (6th to 8th February 2009), the alternative proposal " Anti-Capitalist Revolutionary Party " was thereby rejected by a narrow majority.


The New Anti -Capitalist Party understood against the background of the long prevailing neoliberalism and the associated privatization and subsequent to contemporary social struggles as a "party [ ... ] that is fit for the upcoming mobilizations and serves a radical, revolutionary change in society prepare and thus to overcome capitalism, private ownership of the major means of production, the plundering of the earth and the destruction of the environment. "

The founding manifesto refers positively to the concept of socialism for the 21st century and emphasizes the grassroots dimension of political conflict: " A democratic party whose operation allows the population to guide their mobilizations themselves to the future to be able to social. be able to determine and economic processes, " the future society itself to be a democratic basis organized: " We want a society that meets the social needs and which is free from all forms of exploitation and oppression by class, gender, age and origin. A society in which democracy is not exhausted in the voting at elections, but allows all to have a say. "

The party aims to bring together the fragmented organizations and movements of the radical left and attract new activists. This includes the call, among others, " the men and women, with or without papers, who believe that their life is worth more than the profit; to the youth, which calls for resistance when their prospects for the future is threatened; to the activists in associations and trade unions, which are every day initiative in their factories and neighborhoods; to the socialist, anti-neoliberal, communist and green activists who are tired of maneuvering in politics, the false promises and half-measures [ ... ] ".

The spokesman of the party, Olivier Besancenot - already occurred for the LCR as a presidential candidate - specifies the identity of the party in an interview: "It's [ ... ] not a mere fusion with other political currents [ ... ]. This time we want to take a different approach, namely on the basis of a common practice, already jointly owned struggles and actions of resistance, the one every day. In this practice already draw from the outline as a radical and revolutionary change in the society might look like. "

Characteristic of the political orientation of the party is their vehement rejection of social democracy and the principle to enter into any government alliances with the social democratic Parti Socialiste.