New Athos Cave

Akhali - Atoni Grotto (2005)


The Akhali - Atoni Grotto or Nowy - Afon Cave, also Nowoafonskaja, Anakopia or Iweria Grotto ( Abkhazian Афон Ҿыцтәи аҳаҧы, Georgian and Russian ახალი ათონის მღვიმე Новоафонская Пещера ) is a stalactite cave near Novy Afon in Abkhazia.

The central part of the cave houses cavities, which are among the largest natural underground chamber in the world. The cavers hall is 260 m long, 75 m wide and up to 50 m high; the Aspar hall is high even up to 75 m. The numerous stalactites and stalagmites in the cave have led to many bizarre forms.

The cave was discovered in 1961 completely and was released in 1975, the tourists because of its beauty after you had a kind of underground railroad that Novoafonskaya train, and numerous footpaths installed in the cave. The Novoafonskaya train transports visitors into the otherwise elusive cave. Through the cave itself by footpaths, mostly built as a bridge. Every year many tourists visit the cave, which is one of the main attractions of Abkhazia.