New College (Oxford)

New College is one of the traditional colleges of Oxford University. Officially, it is called College of St Mary, but to distinguish it from the older Oriel College, which is also dedicated to St. Mary, as New College called.

The institution is located between Holywell Street and New College Lane.


New College was founded in 1379 by William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester. The college motto is Manners Makyth Man ( Manners maketh the man ).

The original building complex ( Old Quad) from the 14th century has been supplemented by new buildings in the 18th and 19th. The College has extensive gardens with an artificial mound ( Mound ), a medieval dining hall and a chapel and a cloister with Fried garden. The city wall of Oxford in the 12th century, is in the college architecture.

The college is considered to be wealthy, with an estimated endowment of 143 million pounds ( 150 million euros ).

Musical life

Figurehead of the College is the New College Choir under the direction of Edward Higginbottom, the musical forms the daily worship in the Gothic College Chapel, regularly undertakes concert tours and has participated in over seventy recordings. For college include the New College School, which is attended by the choir boys. Furthermore, the College maintains with the New Chamber Opera own opera company.

Known graduates

  • Richard Crossman (1907-1974), author, specialist in psychological warfare and politicians
  • H.A.L. Fisher (1865-1940), liberal politician and historian
  • Hugh Grant ( born 1960 ), actor
  • Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck ( b. 1973 ), film director
  • Nick Wilding, historians