New Frontier Hotel and Casino

The New Frontier was a hotel and casino facility on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The New Frontier existed since 30 October 1942 and was the second hotel, which was opened on the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel had 986 rooms and a casino area of ​​9300 m². On July 16, 2007 at 0:01 clock the hotel was closed. In November 2007 it was demolished to make way for a new resort area.


On the estate was built in 1930 initially a nightclub called Pair O'Dice (in reference to the similar-sounding English paradise ), which has been converted already in the immediate aftermath and renamed in 1942 in Hotel Last Frontier. After a modernization of the plant in 1955, the hotel was named the New Frontier.

The hotel can boast to have Elvis Presley home during his first stay in Las Vegas in 1956. Previously completed Liberace in 1944 made ​​his first appearance in Las Vegas at this hotel. 1970 gave Diana Ross and The Supremes in the New Frontier their farewell performance. From 1981 to 1988 Siegfried and Roy appeared with her Beyond Belief show at the hotel and gave 3,538 performances.

In September 1967, the billionaire Howard Hughes acquired for around 14 million U.S. $, the hotel complex by the previous owners, including the speculator Steve Wynn belonged. Hughes shortened name of the hotel on The Frontier. Finally, in 1998 sold the interim owner Margaret Elardi and her two sons the system to Phil Ruffin, who used the old name New Frontier again.

In 2000, Ruffin announced the demolition and complete construction of the hotel. High interest rates and the events of 11 September 2001 prevented the implementation of the plans.

At midnight on 15 July 2007, the New Frontier Hotel and Casino on the operation and was demolished the next day. The nearly 60 -meter-high hotel sign acquired Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of the band The Killers, get it set up on his land in the desert.

Ruffin presented 2005 new remodeling plans, after which the New Frontier in 2007 should give way to a new building with 2700 rooms. The new facility should include the name Montreux bear, named after the Montreux Jazz Festival. A 122 meter tall Ferris wheel similar to the London Eye was planned next to the hotel as an eye catcher. This project was canceled.

Phil Ruffin sold 1.4 hectares of the 17 hectare site at his partner Donald Trump, who wanted to build a hotel complex there named Trump International Hotel & Tower. The completion of this facility was planned for 2010, but Donald Trump received a building permit for the area. Then you should open up to 2011 by the Investementgesellschaft " Elad " which acquired the area of ​​Ruffin in 2007 for $ 1.2 billion, the " New York Plaza Hotel and Casino " for around $ 5 billion there, its gates with 3500 rooms.

However, the project was stopped in 2011 in the property market due to negative developments.