New Haven Eagles

The New Haven Eagles were an American ice hockey franchise in the American Hockey League from New Haven, Connecticut. They were a founding member of the Canadian American Hockey League and the American Hockey League.


The New Haven Eagles were in 1926 among the five founding members of the Canadian American Hockey League. In its premiere season, the Eagles closed the regular season off with a record of 18 wins and 14 defeats first and won the championship in the playoffs. The Eagles played until the integration of the league in 1936 in the International American Hockey League in the CAHL. Until the leagues renamed American Hockey League in 1940 the Eagles played four years in the I- AHL. In the premiere season of AHL New Haven was one of the founding members. In the first two seasons, the Eagles reached in each case the first playoff round, but left both times against the Hershey Bears from. From the mid- season 1942/43, bis 1945, the team withdrew due to the Second World War from the AHL. In their first season after the resumption of play operation, New Haven 1945/46, did not qualify for the playoffs.

In the summer of 1946 the team was renamed Ramblers in New Haven. Under this name, the team played four years in the AHL before in 1950 was to rename the New Haven Eagles. The season 1950/51, however, was not ended by the Eagles and after 28 games drew one with a balance of only five wins in 23 defeats from the AHL back.

Well-known former players

  • Canada Felix Mancuso
  • Canada Jean Denis
  • Canada Jack Gordon
  • Canada Sherman White
  • Scotland Clark Whyte