New Jersey Senate

The Senate of New Jersey (New Jersey State Senate ) is the upper house of the New Jersey Legislature, the legislature of the U.S. state of New Jersey.

The chamber of parliament is composed of 40 Senators representing an electoral district respectively. Each of these units includes a fixed average rate of 210 359 inhabitants ( 2000). The senators are elected in a " 2-4-4 " cycle, which was introduced in order to respond to the changes in the district boundaries. The basis for this are the numbers determined in each case by the United States Census, the (10 years ) are determined at a distance of a decade, and show the actual population development in the districts. Were it not for this cycle, there would be no relatively fair representation, as one would absolutely work with outdated numbers. With a varying tenure, the district boundaries are only two years old. The Senate elections will be held in each year, which (eg 2011, 2013 and 2017 in this decade) ends with a "1", "3" or "7".

The meeting room of the Senate is located together with the assembly in the New Jersey State House in the capital, Trenton.

Within a term, it can only come to a new seat assignment, when a freed- parliamentary seats to be filled by a " County Committee " or party committees. In the subsequent election, the affected seat is on the ballot, unless that this vacancy does not occur until 51 days before the election. Then is the appointment until the next general election.

Composition of the Board

Important members of the Senate