New Leipzig School

The term New Leipzig School refers to a flow of modern painting. The use of the term and its origin is controversial.


In the "old" Leipzig School is a journalistic term of art, which has been consolidated since at least the participation of Tübke, Wolfgang Matt Heuer and Bernhard Heisig at documenta 6 (1977). Their students, including Sighard Gille and Arno Rink, can be considered as the second generation of the "Leipzig School".


The New Leipzig School, as a third generation refers to the situation after the political change and is closely associated with the School of Visual Arts. He usually referred to students of painting professors Gille and Rink, more rarely, by Rolf Kuhrt or more of Heisig or Tübke. The works are often characterized by a combination of figurative and abstract elements. Clear messages that were characteristic of the "first" Leipzig painter - generation, no longer can be found. " Although the images are mostly formulated in objectivity, the innermost, which holds them together remains abstract. [ ... ] There are mood images that show a melancholic serenity in the status quo. "


At the " New Leipzig School " are, inter alia, Neo Rauch, Hans Aichinger, Tilo, Tim Eitel, Paule Hammer, Katrin Heichel, Tom Fabritius, Rosa Loy, Christoph Ruckhäberle, David Schnell, Miriam Vlaming, Matthias Wei, Kathrin Landa, Bruno Griesel, Aris Kalaizis or Michael Triegel counted, and Change of the name as belonging signified.

Significant contribution to the success of the "New Leipzig School " has the gallery owner Gerd Harry Lybke ( Eigen Art, Leipzig- Berlin), who made known since the 1990s, in particular the works by Neo Rauch in the important for the art world the U.S. market. Successive thereby able other Leipzig artists to an international reputation. The success can certainly see parallels to the Young British Artists. Important for the success of the Leipzig painter beyond was the talent of the gallerist Matthias Kleindienst, who heads the woodcut printing workshop at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and many artists paved the way. Matthias Wei and David Schnell, for example, started under the wing of Kleindienst. Substantial share of the market success of the " New Leipzig School " had the Produzentengalerie " LIGA ", which began its work in early 2002 under the direction of Christian Ehrentraut, a former employee of Gerd Harry Lybke, in Berlin -Mitte.

The mentioned artists reject the membership of a Leipzig School from most. The science of art avoids the term because of its vagueness and fuzziness hitherto largely. A large part, however, he plays as a label and marketing tool on the art market.

Center of many painters and their gallery is after the music district now the Leipzig Cotton Spinning Mill in Plagwitz.

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