New Living Translation

The New Life Bible is a communicative translation of the Bible. The Complete Edition (Old and New Testament ) has been released in 2006 Haenssler -Verlag. It is a German -language edition of the English New Living Translation, published in 1996. The basic text is the Biblia Hebraica the Old Testament based on the New Testament, the Novum Testamentum Grace of the Nestle- Aland and the UBS Greek New Testament. The English original was by a large number of known evangelical theologians (eg, Craig Blomberg, Douglas Moo, and Richard Schulz ) translated from the Hebrew and Greek original text and is a very theologically sound work without special gauges. Main concern of this English translation was next to exegetical accuracy, superior voice clarity. The NLB sees itself as a rather free translation. A team of German translators, editors and theologians who translated and revised the English text. Recent editions of the NLB appear at SCM R. Brockhaus.

Based on the texts of the NLB, there are now also several issues with Explanations: Study Bible "meeting for life", the home group Bible, The Bible orientation LIVE Teens Bible and the family Bible " God's Word in our midst ."

Use and style

The NL- Bible is mainly used in free-church groups. The language style is oriented at a rather simple and predominantly liquid present-day language. Central theological terms such as " guilt " or " grace" are retained.

Since early 2012, the NL- Bible will be sent from Monday to Friday for 30 minutes as lectionaries in the program of Horeb.


  • New Life. The Bible, mustard seed expenditure R.Brockhaus SCM, Size: 8.5 x 12.8 cm,

ISBN 978-3-417-25159-3 (Motif, Floral ), ISBN 978-3-417-25160-9 (motif, Bread of Life ), ISBN 978-3-417-25162-3 (Motif, The Word ), ISBN 978-3-417-25161-6 ( artificial leather)

  • New Life. The Bible, pocket spending, R.Brockhaus SCM, Size: 11 x 16.7 cm,

ISBN 978-3-417-25129-6 (motif, aqua), ISBN 978-3-417-25125-8 (Motif, Floral ornament ), ISBN 978-3-417-25128-9 (Motif, ocean ), ISBN 978-3-417-25137-1 ( Teens ), ISBN 978-3-417-25073-2 (En Route - The Bible for bus and train ), ISBN 978-3-417-25126-5 ( with elastic), ISBN 978-3-417-25127-2 ( with song notes), ISBN 978-3-417-25126-5 ( synthetic leather with cross motif and gilt edges ), ISBN 978-3-417-25124-1 (leather, gilt edges )

  • New Life. The Bible, Standard Edition, SCM R.Brockhaus, Format: 13 x 20,5 cm,

ISBN 978-3-417-25155-5 (motif, aqua), ISBN 978-3-417-25153-1 (motif, floral decoration ), ISBN 978-3-417-25154-8 (motif, boat with shore ) ISBN 978-3-417-25048-0 (motif, starfish ), ISBN 978-3-417-25028-2 (motif, stamp), ISBN 978-3-417-25157-9 (for women), ISBN 978 - 3-417-25158-6 ( synthetic leather with cross motif ), ISBN 978-3-417-25156-2 ( wedding Bible in slipcase )

  • New Life. The Bible, United expenditure R.Brockhaus SCM, Size: 17.8 x 26 cm,

ISBN 978-3-417-25035-0 (blue), ISBN 978-3-417-25036-7 ( gold section), ISBN 978-3-417-25039-8 (blue with register punching ), ISBN 978-3-417 -25040-4 ( gold section with cut out tabs )

  • New Life. The Bible - Special Edition, SCM R.Brockhaus, Format: 13 x 19,8 cm, ISBN 978-3-417-25187-6
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  • New Life. The Bible. New Testament, SCM R.Brockhaus, Format: 10.8 x 16.4 cm, ISBN 978-3-417-25186-9 (Motif Coffee to go )
  • The Jesus Bible, SCM R.Brockhaus, ISBN 978-3-417-25131-9 (red), ISBN 978-3-417-25132-6 ( beige), ISBN 978-3-417-25130-2 ( leather with gilt edges ),
  • New Life. The lectionaries, SCM R.Brockhaus, ISBN 978-3-417-25133-3 (Audio CD) ISBN 978-3-417-25134-0 (MP3 )
  • Encounter for life, SCM R.Brockhaus, ISBN 978-3-417-25176-0 (motif, pigeon blue), ISBN 978-3-417-25041-1 (red), ISBN 978-3-417-25193-7 ( with Leather Case )
  • The home group Bible AT & NT, SCM R.Brockhaus, ISBN 978-3-417-25457-0
  • The orientation Bible, SCM R.Brockhaus, ISBN 978-3-417-25457-0
  • LIVE Teens Bible, SCM R.Brockhaus, ISBN 978-3-417-25178-4
  • God's Word in our midst, SCM R.Brockhaus, ISBN 978-3-417-25163-0