New Slovenia

New Slovenia - Christian People's Party ( Slow Nova Slovenija Krščanska Ljudska stranka, Abbreviation: NSi ) is a political party in Slovenia. She is a member of the European People's Party. Current chairman is Lyudmila Novak. Its first chairman was the former Slovenian Prime Minister Andrej Bajuk, who resigned as the party no longer qualify for the Parliament to the collection in the 2008 elections. Since the 2011 elections, the party will be represented in parliament.


MPs NSi in the Slovenian Parliament

New Slovenia became members of the Slovene Christian Democrats ( SKD) founded in 2000 that were not with the union of their party with the Slovenian People's Party ( Slovenska Ljudska stranka SLS) agree.

In the parliamentary elections of 2000 the party achieved 8.7% of the vote and 8 seats. In the parliamentary elections of 2004, it reached a voting share of 9.1% and was represented by 9 out of 90 deputies in the Slovenian National Assembly ( Državni zbor ). In the elections of 2008, it remained at 3.4 % of the vote below the minimum threshold of 4% and was no longer represented in parliament. In the early elections in 2011 it reached after the preliminary result of 4.8 % of the vote and 4 seats to re- enter parliament.