New South Wales Government Railways

The New South Wales Government Railways ( NSWGR ), the State Railway of New South Wales. It was renamed several times, was also named New South Wales Railways and now: Rail Corporation New South Wales.


The New South Wales Government Railways built their entire route network to standard gauge, beginning with their first track, the first railroad of New South Wales at all, the railway Sydney Parramatta (now Granville Railway Station) 1855.

The New South Wales Government Railways were subjected during its existence various restructuring and first subordinate to the Ministry of Public Works of the State of New South Wales (Minister for Public Works), later a separate Department of Transportation ( Minister for Transport ). Since 1888 there has been a collective management of three railroad commissioners, which should largely escape the railways to political influence. 1907 this collective leadership was then replaced by a single railroad commissioner. From 1932 to 1972 there was a separate Ministry of Railways, who was assigned to the NSWGR. October 20, 1972, the New South Wales Railways were replaced by the New South Wales Public Transport Commission.


1996, 2001 and 2003, there were more railway reforms that resulted in the Rail Corporation New South Wales, which is responsible for network access for the private railway companies that offer today to rail transport.