New Super Mario Bros.

  • Takashi Tezuka (general producer)
  • Hiroyuki Kimura (producer)
  • Shigeru Miyamoto (Supervisor)
  • Shigeyuki Asuke (director)
  • Masahiro Imaizumi, Taku Matoba (co - directors )

New Super Mario Bros. is a video game company Nintendo for the portable video game system Nintendo DS. This is a 2D Jump 'n' run game. The game was released in Europe on 30 June 2006. According to official data from the Nintendo game almost 20 million has now been sold worldwide times. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009, the game " New Super Mario Bros. Wii " was announced by Nintendo. The term New in the title is because in New Super Mario Bros., the classic gameplay of the first Super Mario Bros. for the NES will be taken up again. Nintendo launched with New Super Mario Bros. a renaissance of 2D platformers, after these were first displaced almost completely with the upcoming arrival of the 3D games.

Game Description

So as with most Super Mario games Princess Peach is kidnapped in this game. So you have to so with Mario make their way to rescue them. This one crosses Eislevel, deserts, castles, etc. The game includes 80 levels in 8 worlds. It also includes 18 mini-games and a multiplayer game.


New Super Mario Bros. you play mainly with the joypad. Using the touch screen to play the mini-games, the game selects the items from and can select the worlds in a " map screen ". With Mario can, as in the older Mario games, run, jump, smash blocks and enter tubes. New compared to all other Mario 2D games however, the ramming attack as Mario without prior use of an item, the wall jump and the Seileschwingen.


The following items (items) there is to find in the game:

Classic items

Super Mario is an extension for Mario to Fire Mario can only be after Mario was Super Mario. If you get hit in one of these modes by an opponent, you fall back only on the previous stage.

New items

Succession Games

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009, the game " New Super Mario Bros. Wii " was announced by Nintendo, which was released for Wii on 20 November 2009 in Europe. The most important new feature is the multiplayer mode that can be played with up to four players simultaneously. We can help each other or play against each other depending on the situation.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

In April 2012, announced Satoru Iwata New Super Mario Bros. 2, which was released worldwide in July and August 2012 for the 3DS.

New Super Mario Bros. U

With the release of the Nintendo Wii U was released as a launch title New Super Mario Bros. U, based on the previously presented Demo of New Super Mario Bros. Mii. For the first time an offshoot of the New Super Mario Bros. series supports high-resolution video in 720p. Other new features are the inclusion of the Wii U gamepad, so that a total of five people to join the game action, and the social network Miiverse. The world map now consists of a continuous map, similar to Super Mario World.