New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Film

New York Film Critics Circle Award: Best Film

Winner of the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Film ( Best Picture ).

When selecting the best film of the year both the New York Critics Award and the Academy Award goes to every other case, to a film made of one of the five major Hollywood studios (MGM, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, RKO, Warner Bros. ) comes. Even if one includes smaller Hollywood companies like Universal, Columbia and DreamWorks in the comparison, the New York Film Critics Circle Award proves not as a film award, which avoids Hollywood productions. So it is not surprising that the price whose winners will be announced every year announced before the Academy Awards, is considered an important preliminary examination for the Academy Award (Oscar).

The most successful in this category were the U.S. film directors William Wyler, Elia Kazan and Fred Zinnemann and Briton David Lean, whose films have won three times. 30 times succeeded Film Critics Association in advance of the Oscar winners present, it will ultimately happen in 2011, with the award to the French feature film The Artist. With Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker - The Hurt Locker ( 2009) and Zero Dark Thirty (2012 ) for the first time directing a filmmaker were excellent.

* = Film productions that won later the Academy Award for Best Film of the Year

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