New York Hakoah

New York Hakoah is the name of two former football club from the city of New York in the United States.

Hakoah I (1928-1929)

Originally the club by players of the Hakoah Vienna was founded, including Béla Guttmann and Rezső Nikolsburger. On a U.S. tour in 1926, the team wore from various friendly matches and was also able to record attendances of up to 46,000 visitors, a record crowd meant. These figures remained until 1977 as a record made ​​before the NASL club New York Cosmos, the number of visitors surpassed most in a football game in the United States.

Many players of the Vienna club remained in New York, as they were mainly attracted by enormous financial promises. Next to them also Leopold printer decided to emigrate to the United States, which was unsafe for all players, but was crowned in case of success of lucrative.

In the fall of 1928, the association launched its gaming operations in the short-lived Eastern Professional Soccer League ( EPSL ) and stood after the first half of the season behind the Bethlehem Steel FC ( 1 ) and the New York Giants in the third place in the standings. With Siegfried Wortmann a Hakoah players stand in the upper part of the scoresheet. With 26 goals he had three less than the Scot Archie Stark, who took for Bethlehem Steel. In addition, players like generated József Eisenhoffer, Max Grünwald, Erno Black or Moses Häusler a considerable number of goals for the newly formed New York club.

In the second half of the season, Hakoah became the top team in the league and was at that time the biggest surprise of the EPSL because, with 28 points ranked on the first place in the table after 18 completed games, from which twelve wins, four draws and two losses resulted. But even in the second half of the season no Hakoah players took first place in the scoresheet. Archie Stark, however, triumphed once again as top scorer in the league; he scored 15 goals. At the end, when the two seasons were summarizing the Hakoah won second place behind Bethlehem Steel.

1929 won the team consisting of the Austro- Hungarian football players the National Challenge Cup, the annual Cup of United States Football Association, which is known under the name " Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup " today. In this case, the final in return game, Hakoah ruled against the St. Louis Madison Kennels. After the first leg in St. Louis was decided with two late goals by József Eisenhoffer or Siegfried Wortmann in favor of the Hakoah, managed the team in front of his home crowd in New York a 3-0 victory.

In the autumn of 1929 again a championship was played, but you will lose the fall season was considered a full season since then no more spring season was held. The New York Hakoah reached here yet again into second place and had to again the overpowering team of the Bethlehem Steel FC beaten, having dominated throughout much of the season.

Shortly thereafter, the league was disbanded due to infighting between the leaders of the various existing at the time leagues and the teams returned back to their former leagues, provided 've been in an independent league before the foundation of the EPSL. So it was that in 1930 merged the Brooklyn Hakoah of the American Soccer League with the New York Hakoah. The newly emerged team, Hakoah All-Stars, yet began in the same year with the game running in the ASL I. However, this association did not have long life; Already in 1932 he was again dissolved.

Hakoah II (1956-1964)

Just before the season 1956/57, the New York Hakoah was revived, when the Brooklyn Hakoah merged with the New York Americans for New York Hakoah and henceforth appeared under the name New York Hakoah Americans. Already after the first season was the team coached by Erno Black on the first place in the standings of the ASL and had to stand at twelve championship matches played ten victories, one draw and one defeat to book. Even to the team made ​​it to the finals of the National Challenge Cup in 1957, albeit in a St. Louis cutis SC was inferior with 0:3 and 1:3.

Also in the season in 1957/58, the New York Hakoah Americans could clearly prevail and won 16 of the 18 league matches; the remaining two they lost. With Lloyd Monsen had the team for the first time a top scorer in their ranks. Born in 1931 Monsen scored a total of 22 league goals. Equally successful was the subsequent season 1958/59, the team is once again took the championship title in itself. After eleven wins, three draws and two defeats from 16 games, Hakoah ranked with six points off the play strong Ukrainian Nationals on the first place in the table. Against this very different in 1959, Hakoah in the Lewis Cup of the year in the final with 2:3. In the same season the team reached the quarter- finals of the National Challenge Cup, left there but against the Fall River SC with a total score of 2:4 in return game from the current competition.

After dropping performances in the following years, the Hakoah could not catch again and could not keep up with the other strong teams. Two third places in the seasons 1959/60 and 1960/61, followed by two fifth (1961 /62 1963/64 ) and a sixth rank (1962 /63) in the final table of the following seasons. Due to the poor performance in the league did not make the team and to establish themselves in the National Challenge Cup. In the 1961/62 season the Hakoah coach Kurt Lamb "Coach of the Year" ( German: Coach of the Year ) selected the ASL. 1963/64, the Hakoah actor Avner "Abbie " Wolanow was voted Most Valuable Player ( MVP ) of the ASL, which meant the last major success of the team.

After the team occurred starting from the season 1962/63 again under the original name New York Hakoah, she retired at the end of the season 1963/64, out of the game operation of the American Soccer League.


Hakoah I

Hakoah II

  • 3x Master of ASL: 1956/57, 1957/58, 1958/59
  • 1x scorer in the ASL: in 1957/58 ( Lloyd Monsen, 22 goals)
  • 1x "Coach of the Year" ASL: 1961/62 ( Kurt lamb)
  • 1x MVP of the ASL: 1963/64, ( Avner "Abbie " Wolanow )
  • 1x National Challenge Cupfinalist: 1957
  • 1x Lewis Cupfinalist: 1959

Known players (selection)

  • Leopold printer
  • József Eisenhoffer
  • Max Grünwald
  • Béla Guttmann
  • Moses Häusler
  • Rezső Nikolsburger
  • Erno Black

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