New York Hungaria

New York Hungaria was an American football club from New York, who in 1962 won the U.S. Championship. When founded in 1923 by Hungary club in the following season in 1963 CONCACAF Champions ' Cup took part, he made ​​history as the first American football team, which scored a victory on Mexican soil. The team consisted of the following 1963 Squad: Sandor Feher and Victor Gerley (as goalkeeper ), John Kerti, Tibor Resznecki and Domokos Zsido ( in defense ), Dietrich Albrecht, Miklos Henni, Andrew Mate, Josef Pal and Tibor Szalay ( in the middle ) and Arpad Bugard, Joseph Csabay, Andy Cziotka, Tony Domborovski and Charles Horvath ( in the attack). Coach was Geza Henni.

In the first round of the tournament the club to the first leg on March 18, 1963 had to compete with Club Deportivo Oro from the second largest Mexican city of Guadalajara, where she won 3-2, so that in the second leg on home soil on April 18, 1963, 2: 2 was enough to reach the second round. The only scorer of the U.S. team in those two games was born in Hungary in 1957 and getting on in USA Andrew Mate, who scored all five goals of the " Hungarians ". In the second round, the team met again on a Mexican team from Guadalajara, failed but this time ( 0:0 and 0:2 ) against the defending champion Chivas, who qualified in this tournament for the final.