New York State Assembly

The New York State Assembly is the lower house of the New York State Legislature, the legislature of the U.S. state of New York.

The Houses of Parliament is composed of 150 members representing an electoral district respectively. Each of these units includes a fixed average rate of 127,000 inhabitants. Deputies are elected for two -year terms; limiting the terms of office does not exist. The conference room of the State Assembly is located, together with the Senate from New York in the State Capitol in the capital Albany.

Structure of the chamber

The Speaker presides over the assembly. He is initially elected by the majority faction of the chamber before the confirmation by the whole Parliament follows. The Speaker is also responsible for the course of legislation and monitors the shutdowns in the various committees.

Other important office holders are the Majority Leader ( Majority Leader ) and the leader of the opposition (minority leader), who are elected by the respective fractions.

Composition after the election in 2010

Important members