New York State Route 17M

New York State Route 17M or 17M NY is a 42.86 km long state highway in Orange County of New York. It extends in an east-west direction and has its eastern starting point west of Middletown and ends in the west at the north -south section of the current New York State Route 17 south of Harriman. In fact, this corresponds to State Route for the most part the route of State Route 17, before it was removed for expressway that will in the future become part of Interstate 86.

Between New Hampton and Chester, the State Route overlaps with U.S. Highway 6 The eastern part of this section between Goshen and Chester via the Quickway, so that the line overlaps with the NY 17. Between Monroe and Middletown, the road is very busy; there it is separated by a median strip and serves as the main shopping street of the city in the south to Interstate 84 toward. Otherwise NY 17M is a two-lane rural road character.

Route description

Orange County Route 76 to State Route 17M is at the former junction - the then Exit 118A - the nearby Quickways north of the former railroad line of the New York, Ontario and Western Railway in the Town of Wallkill. Takes you over gentle hills and within 800 meters a traffic light. Is located at this junction the southern end of New York State Route 302 It is the first intersection of NY 17M with another State Route.

From this intersection, the route leads first to the traffic light intersection with Ingrassia Road and then in the more built-up Washington Heights neighborhood just outside of Middletown. At the North Street State Route turn left and leads into the city. The road is initially fairly wide, then narrows, however, in the inhabited mostly by Hispanic neighborhoods near the city center, before turning at the traffic light junction with Wickham Avenue right on the New York State Route 211. The combined here roads lead up the hill a bit and then at a junction to West Main Street.

The joint distribution of both streets end at the traffic light at the Monhagen Avenue, where NY 211 turns right towards Otisville and NY 17M to the left. It expands into a tree-lined Parkway, the south of the city center extends over a length of several road blocks. This section ends at the traffic light at the Fulton Street; there bends the State Route to the left. After several crossings and crossing the Middletown and New Jersey Railway, it extends into the Dolson Avenue. This is two-lane in both directions and has an additional lane in the middle, which is used to turn to the various shopping centers on the other side of the street.

Finally, opens a U.S. Highway 6 from the right. Both roads lead together on Interstate 84 at Exit 3, which allows access to Port Jervis and Newburgh. After crossing the highway the hamlet of New Hampton begins. In this section, the road is lined with car dealers and other commercial objects. The road narrows to two lanes before leading down to the bridge over the Wallkill River at the northern end of the Black Dirt region of the county. The uphill direction on both sides of the bridge grouted over a short fast lane.

The river forms the border with the Town of Goshen and after the road has climbed the hill, the building takes on both sides of the street again. Outside the Village of Goshen go U.S. 6 and NY 17M finally in the NY 17 over.

State Route 17M leaves the Quickway before U.S. 6 and assumes the intersection with New York State Route 94 in Chester again a stand-alone course on. Takes you through the rural areas in the south of Blooming Grove. He runs past the Village of Monroe Historic District, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. In Monroe and Woodbury both sides of the street are fully developed.

The building then goes back before NY 17M leads to a slight bend to the south to its end point at the intersection with NY 17 in Harriman.


NY 17M was created after 1950, the first section of the expressway was opened, the bypass of Middletown. The original designation 17M refers to the fact that the route was route for the city as a business. This is one of the few cases in New York, where the letter to designate a highway branch line actually has a meaning. NY 17M led originally from there, where today Exit 123 of the highway is by Denton, New Hampton and Middletown to Exit 118A on the former NY 17

With the addition of further portions of State Route 17 to the expressway, which is also known as The Quickway, also the section of the old NY 17 through Chester, Monroe and Harriman to NY 17M was rededicated.