New York State Route 437

The New York State Route 437 (NY 437) is only a 480 meter long state highway south of Auburn in Cayuga County, New York in the United States. It serves as a link between NY 38 and NY 38A and is locally known as the White Bridge Road. The road allows motorists quick access to the nearby Owasco Lake and avoids the crossing of the Owasco Outlet further fluabwärts in the city center. NY 437 was indeed officially established until 1970, but the street number already appeared two decades earlier on road maps.

Route description

NY 437 adjacent to the St. Joseph Cemetery at a roundabout of NY 38 in the Town of Fleming, south of Auburn. It cites as White Bridge Road to the east and in this case runs on the north end of Owasco Lake. Approximately in the middle of her only short distance curve crosses the line the Owasco Outlet and arrived in Owasco, where she performs the Emerson Park, which is maintained by the Cayuga County. The route finally ends about 180 meters at a T -shaped intersection with NY 38A in a range Owascos, known as Melrose Park. NY 437 opens an undeveloped, wooded area west of the Seeabflusses and a residential area east of the watercourse. The State Route has a length of about 480 m, making it the shortest signposted State Road in the state.

NY 437 is one of the few roads maintained by the state, one end of which is situated on a roundabout. Among them, the NY 635 in neighboring Onondaga County, the 35 of the New York State Thruway Exit at junction with NY 298 and exit at Carrier Circle, a large roundabout in Syracuse and NY 140 west of Albany, whose western end is a roundabout at NY 85 forms. Interstate 587 ends outside of Kingston on a roundabout with NY 28 and Exit 19 of the New York State Thruway. Even NY 27 appears in the east at Montauk Point to end in a roundabout, but in fact it is a loop of road that leads back to itself, similar to the U.S. Highway 9 near the border with Canada.


NY 437 was extended early 20th century in several phases to the level of a State Route. The section between the present roundabout and the outlet of the lake was built in 1908 as part of the then State Highway 384 (SH 384 ) rebuilt. The conversion of 1912-1913 took place between the drain and the current NY 38A as part of SH 752 Both numbers were only used internally within the law and were not signposted in nature. NY 437 was used on contemporary maps of the area as a designation in 1947; officially this street number has been assigned by the New York State Department of Transportation ( NYSDOT ) until 1 January 1970.