Newcastle-under -Lyme is a town in the English county of Staffordshire, around 42 kilometers north of Stafford. It counts 73 944 inhabitants and is the administrative headquarters of the larger Borough of Newcastle-under -Lyme which 109 567 inhabitants ( 2005).

The Castle by the locals often simply called city is located 8 km west of the neighboring Stoke -on-Trent. As these cities have grown together almost entirely, Newcastle is unofficially often regarded as a wealthy suburb of Stoke -on-Trent. Both, together with Kidsgrove a metropolitan area, which is referred to as The Potteries.


The city's name derives from the "new" castle ( new castle ) of the 12th century, have been preserved from the ruins. The addition of under-Lyme described the proximity to the former Lyme forest. Dating back to the 13th century church of St Giles in 1876 rebuilt.

Like neighboring Stoke -on-Trent Newcastle became the center of the ceramics industry, and later the extraction of coal. Today, these sectors play only a minor role and the production of machinery, electric motors, textiles and food have given way.

1835 Newcastle received as a result of the Municipal Corporations Act the status of a Borough. In 1932, the city enlarged by the incorporation of numerous surrounding villages, such as the entire Wolstanton United Urban District and the village of Clayton from Newcastle under Lyme Rural District.


The city was founded in 1949 chosen as the location of a campus of the University College of North Staffordshire, which was transformed into the University of Keele in 1962. The Keele University is the largest university campus in the United Kingdom and is close to the suburb of Keele, five kilometers west of the city center. Most (~ 70 %) of the approximately 12,700 students ( 2006) live in comfortable dormitories on the university campus - the remaining mostly in Newcastle-under -Lyme itself


  • Thomas Harrison (1606-1660), Puritan and General at the time of the English Civil War
  • Philip Astley (1742-1814), inventor of the "modern circus "
  • Vera Brittain (1893-1970), writer and feminist
  • Joseph Cook (1860-1947), Australian Prime Minister
  • Jackie Trent ( born 1940 ), singer and actress