News conference

A press conference is a means of public relations.


At a press conference, the journalists' jargon short "PK", for instance, download celebrities, politicians, non-governmental organizations, institutions, associations, initiatives, companies or individuals of current affairs, a representative of the press and mass media. Before the present rapporteurs they disclose information about current, often controversial topics represent and / or give an opinion, denies rumors or announce something. Following the most prepared statement the representatives of the press can often ask questions.


The spatial structure of a press conference usually has a two-tier locality; on one side of the conference room equipped with microphones, a desk or table. On the other seating areas are for journalists. Stand or sit or of the press officer and other persons contributing more specific information on the facts, answer questions or demonstrate only presence and connectedness At the desk or table.

The importance attached a press conference (relevance) show roughly of course the number of visitors, cameras and the microphones mounted on the table.

In contrast to the written press statement provides a press conference sound and, if cameras are allowed, even image shots to give the mediation of the particular concern Reproduction and authenticity.


In the news the press conference and its contents, if relevant to the message are. Transfer With the proliferation of niche channel news channels (eg N24, n-tv, Phoenix) increasingly important press conferences directly.

At press conferences, distributed specially prepared press releases or planned Statements and often the photos ( eg of products ) into press kits. Frequently " vesting period " (x - day, x - Clock: Time of PK) is and " it is the spoken word " stated: Finally, can you look at the portfolios can also send or pick up that after PK mostly on the organizer's homepage also ( for anyone) are online.