News presenter

A newscaster is the presenter of message texts that were compiled by a radio or television newsroom. Newscaster mostly work "live" in the news studio.

Vocational training in Germany

Occupational requirement are in the public broadcasting in particular:

  • The ability to speak German "moderate Standardlautung " ( normalized by the conventions of pronunciation - Duden )
  • A microphone suitable voice
  • Reading ability of texts of all subject areas and their neutral and understandable presentation for listeners or viewers

In addition, responsiveness and a comprehensive general education, while watching TV also provides a " telegenic " appearance and a superior way of dealing with the camera situation. The broadcasters ARD have at least in their job repeatedly point out that a university degree is welcome in a liberal arts discipline.

Newscaster work in shifts around the clock and, in addition to their normal job also texts for the different editors of the radio houses to speak. In many houses the radio speakers are now working with the conception of news broadcasts.

The earlier definition of professional profiles "speaker" ( as a presenter ) and editor ( as " author " of the message body ) so softens more and more. Instead of the classic " speaker ", often rendered with a theatrical career, so the " editor at the microphone " is used today mostly.