Newton Booth

Newton Booth ( born December 30, 1825 Salem, Washington County, Indiana; † July 14, 1892 in Sacramento, California ) was the 11th Governor of California and Senator in the Senate of the United States.


Early years

Newton Booth was the son of Beebe and Hannah Booth. He grew up in Salem, Indiana, and attended there also the primary school. 1841 the family moved to Terre Haute in Indiana. Booth now studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1850. In the same year he moved to California and initially participated in a wholesale grocery business in Sacramento, he became a successful host of a saloon. In 1857 he moved back to Terre Haute, Indiana, back. By 1860, Booth operation there along with the future congressman Harvey D. Scott, a law firm. In 1860 he again went to California, where he again was first engaged in trade.

Political career

In 1862 he decided to go into politics and was elected immediately to the Senate of California. From 1871 to 1875 Booth was the 11th Governor of California. On 27 February 1875 he resigned prematurely, to take his place in the U.S. Senate, in which he had been elected during the preceding autumn border. March 4, 1875 to March 3, 1881, he represented California as a Senator in the U.S. Congress. During this time he was Chairman of the Commercial Committee ( Committee on Manufacturers) and member of the Patent Committee. In 1880 he abandoned a bid again.

Evening of life and death

After the end of his political activity Booth returned to Sacramento, where he again zuwandt the trade. He died there in 1892. He was laid to rest in the Old City Cemetery in Sacramento.