NF is an abbreviation for:

  • Air Vanuatu, the airline süpazifischen island nation of Vanuatu after the IATA code
  • British National Front, a British far-right party
  • Fedderwardersiel, Burhaversiel in Butjadingen, according to an abbreviation of fishing vessels on the high seas list of fishing mark in Germany
  • Fiji and Tonga to the ICAO code
  • Fürth ( Bavaria ) central station to DS 100
  • Greetsiel, according to an abbreviation of fishing vessels on the high seas List of external identification in Germany
  • Nationalist Front, banned German neo-Nazi organization
  • National Socialist Freedom Party in the Weimar Republic
  • Nauru First, a political party in the Republic of Nauru
  • Nautical Radio Service, a publication of the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency ( BSH)
  • Network flow and network flow, an algorithmic problem ( flow maximization), see flows and cuts in networks
  • New Forum
  • Newfoundland and Labrador, a Canadian province
  • Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disease that is also known as Morbus Recklinghausen
  • Low frequency
  • Noise figure (German: noise figure ) on data sheets in, for example, bipolar transistors
  • Norfolk Island, according to ISO 3166
  • Normal format, brick size
  • Normal forms in relational database schemas
  • Norme française, quality mark of the French Standards Institute Association française de normalization (AFNOR )
  • Nouvelle Fédération, Football Association of Non - FIFA members
  • Of floor space, share the footprint, which is used to use for its intended purpose

NF as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: North Friesland
  • UK: Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Norway: Skien in Telemark province

Nf stands for:

  • Descendant
  • Successor (s)

Nv stands for:

  • " New version " (referred to a current legal status ) as opposed to " old version "

NF stands for:

  • Nanofarads one billionth farad, a unit of electrical capacity

. nf stands for:

  • . nf, country code top -level domain of Norfolk Island

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