NFL Scouting Combine

The National Invitational Camp, commonly referred to as NFL Combine or Scouting Combine, is an annually in February in Indianapolis, Indiana, event taking place the National Football League ( NFL), in which all American football players for the upcoming draft have registered in April of each year, are invited to ask the leaders of the NFL teams their athletic, but also psychological and mental abilities.

Here, the players compete in different disciplines. In addition to a 40 -yard sprint long and high jump are measured from the level and frequency of repetition on the bench press with 225 pounds. Additionally, players will take part in position-specific exercises. Furthermore, the players conduct interviews with the various coaching and management teams of the NFL. In these informal discussions particularly characteristics, understanding of the game, winning mindset, leadership, etc. are frequently evaluated. Additionally, players take on the conclusion Wonderlic test, a special intelligence test, in part, the results are only the NFL teams fed. In general, however, will always find the way results to the public.

The Combine essentially serves as an additional pool of information about interesting college football talents for NFL teams, in addition to your studies and video scouting data. The Combine provides teams and players the opportunity to get to know in the interviews and to be examined by the players your team physicians. Was first staged in the Combine in 1977. Since in Indianapolis each year of the RCA Dome was the venue. Since 2008 the Combine Day will be held in the new Lucas Oil Stadium.

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