NGA is an abbreviation for:

  • Name - faces - association test, Proceedings of the neuropsychological and clinical diagnostics
  • National Gallery of Art, Museum in Washington DC, USA
  • National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery in Canberra
  • National Geospatial -Intelligence Agency, U.S. Agency for military, intelligence and commercial cartographic analysis and Enlightenment
  • National Glass Association, organization based in McLean, Virginia, USA
  • National Governors Association, Organization of Governors of the U.S. States and Territories
  • National Governors' Association, Organization of Governors of Japanese prefectures
  • National Gun Association, fictional organization in some TV series as a parody of the National Rifle Association
  • Conservation and Parks Commission
  • Neideck school Arnstadt, Thuringia College in
  • Next Generation Access, single packet-switched network infrastructure and architecture for telecommunications
  • Nigeria, country code according to ISO 3166
  • Young airport in Young, New South Wales, Australia to the IATA code

Nga stands for:

  • Nga ( Jawi letter) ( ڠ ), Arabic letter and part of the Jawi script, an extended Arabic alphabet, which is used for the Malay
  • Nga ( first name ), Vietnamese female first name
  • RNGA, doubt -celled drum in the Tibetan Buddhist ritual music
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