Ngangam language

Spoken in

  • Niger - Congo Atlantic - Congo Volta - Congo Northern Gur Central Northern Gurma Ngangam (language)




Ngangam (also: Dye, Gangam, Gangum, Ngangan, Nbangam, Migangam, Mijiem ) is the language of the people of Gangam.

They live mainly in Togo and Benin. Ngangam belongs to the Gur languages.

The number of speakers is estimated at about 66,000 (SIL 2002) people. In Togo, 46,000 (SIL 2002) Speaker, in Benin population of about 20,000 ( SIL 2002). Known dialects in Togo are Motiem ( Mogou ) Koumongou. There are linguistic similarities with Konkomba, Ntcham, Moba and Gurma. In Benin the dialects Dye and Gamgan are known.

In Togo, the Ngangam - speakers live in the region Savanes in the prefecture of Oti near Gando - Namoni, Mogou, Koumongou and Kountouri.