Ngor (Dakar)

Ngor (or N'gor or N'Gor ) is one of the 19 arrondissements ( Communes d'arrondissement du Sénégal ) from Dakar, the capital of (Senegal). It includes not only the original village and new development areas and hotel facilities as well as an island of the same name, the Ile de Ngor.


Ngor is located at Pointe des Almadies, making it the westernmost district of Dakar and also the westernmost settlement of the African continent. From the north, west and south, the area is surrounded by the Atlantic coast. East of Ngor, the area of the international airport of Dakar joins, which is in the arrondissement of Yoff.

The village lies on the north bank, opposite the Ile de Ngor, which is also populated. Meanwhile, almost the entire district is built on. The 2002 census showed a population of 10,309. According to the official estimate from 2007, this number has increased to 11,600.


Ngor lived mainly on fishing and tourism. For inshore fishing, the traditional pirogues serve as fishing boats. In Ngor some well-known hotel resorts were built. Opposite the Ile de Ngor are the Hotel Ngor and the hotel Diarama, in the far west, the plant of the Club Mediterranée spreads out and occupies the southern half of the west coast. While on the northern half of a golf course has been laid, so to speak, the westernmost Green Africa. In between, only a narrow strip of the west coast of the public is accessible via the route of the Alma this. To the east of the golf course with the sprawling 35 -hectare site of King Fahd Palace borders (formerly Le Méridien Président Dakar ), the leading hotel of the country and the largest conference center in West Africa.


  • Diogal Sakho, musicians


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